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Hawaiian Flower Tattoos

Kritika Parwani Feb 8, 2019
Hawaiian flower tattoos are beautiful in their colors and simplicity. Here are some of the types of flowers popularly seen in tattoos and their meanings.
Hawaii is famous all over the world for its tropical weather and the breathtakingly beautiful scenery. The state is renowned for its bright, colorful, exquisite, and diverse variety of flowers that are now becoming extremely popular as body art especially among girls. Hawaiian body art is considered as some of the most extraordinary tattoos in the world.
The existence of Hawaiian body art dates back thousands of years. Even today, this body art is extremely popular among the youth. The traditional Polynesian body art is prevalent even today and can be seen in the interpretations of modern tattoos.
The traditional art symbolizes the old tribal culture. The traditional technique of inking tribal art was called 'kakau'. These tattoos are a symbol of their culture, and express the great faith that the people have in God.
Hundreds of years ago, the people of the islands used to gather in temples and pray for the happiness and well-being of each member of the tribe. These tattoos were used to reveal the personal identity of the people. Traditional body art was made from a mixture of sugar cane juice and kukui nuts which would form a black ink.

Types of Flowers

You should know the symbolisms of the blossoms before you get one permanently inked on your skin.


It is a popular heart-shaped tropical blossom which symbolizes hospitality. The most popular ones are red in color, though they are available in an array of colors ranging from orange, purple, white, green, and pink.


The striking beautiful yellow hibiscus is the state flower of Hawaii. It symbolizes delicate beauty. The hibiscus is available in a variety of colors like pink, red, and purple, though yellow is the most popular for body art. 
When the women of the islands wear a hibiscus behind their ear, it represents that they are ready for marriage.


The most popular orchids in Hawaii are the dendrobium orchids which are shaped like butterflies. They symbolize a number of qualities like love, beauty, strength, magnificence, and luxury, which makes it perfect for your own original body art design.

Birds of Paradise

This looks very dramatic with large blue and orange blossoms and resembles a bird in flight. It represents joyfulness and paradise. If you prefer a bright and colorful tattoo, this one is perfect for you.


Plumeria is a tropical flower which is commonly used to make leis(a garland in Hawaii) which are used to welcome tourists. Mostly known for its sweet fragrance, its color varies from pink, white, to deep red.
Plumeria can often be used to accentuate another blossom like a hibiscus. However, this can also be inked as the main design because of its simplicity and elegance. This blossom is historically associated with life and procreation. When depicted in a lei it can symbolize hospitality and warmth.
To make your body art look original and interesting, you can combine the blossoms with other symbols like hula girls or ocean waves that also have a connection with the islands of Hawaii. These designs are often seen on parts of the body like the foot, shoulder, arm, ankle, and hip area.
Hawaiian floral body art is an ideal choice for anyone looking for simple, exquisite, and beautiful designs. Those who opt for these designs may be natives of the island or have ancestral relations with the island, or it can also just be a homage to the culture or a way of reliving the memory of a stay in Hawaii.