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Tattoos that Represent Strength

Tattoos that Represent Strength

Body art has always been associated with a specific meaning. Tattoos that represent strength are actually depicted by various images, like animals, weapons, superheroes, etc. Such designs show that the wearer is strong and powerful. Read on to know the details.
Saptakee Sengupta
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At the outset, I must tell you that getting yourself inked with tattoos that represent strength will suit only if your personality truly deserves them. If you do not know the underlying meaning of the strength symbols, then the whole purpose of wearing them is in vain. These symbols also connote braveness, possession, dominance, courage, and other traits associated with the powerful side of human beings. Although mostly sported by men, these are actually unisex tattoos. Women possessing these mighty attributes are also fond of wearing body art that depicts these qualities.
When we talk about strength, images of animals, superheroes, Gods, and even imaginary characters are formed in our mind. Your perception is definitely correct and you shall be introduced to such tattoos in this article. Ambigrams and quotes have also become popular these days, and they are one of the coolest way to represent your character.
  • Animals:
    With the image of a ferocious animal, you can infer that the wearer has dominating traits. Tattoos of lions and tigers represent the true essence of survival of the fittest. Blue whale, crocodiles, and scorpion may also fall in the same category when precision, agility, and cunningness are some additional traits to power. Horse also holds a royal position in displaying power, endurance, and strength.
  • Imaginary Forms:
    What comes first to your mind while imagining a non-existent character representing strength? Vampire and dragons, isn't it? These are connected with possession of strength in a negative manner. Crude behavior, killer instincts, and indulgence in gruesome acts are usually symbolized by these forms. However, meanings of dragon tattoos vary in different cultures and ethnic groups. Imaginary forms are sometimes represented by demons, monsters, and devils as well.

  • Superheroes:
    Superhero tattoos are more common among young adults, as they are not only their huge fans, but they also possess a daring attitude. Batman, Superman, He-Man, and Spiderman are the most popular and cool tattoos that represent tenacity, strength, and bravery. Superhero body art symbolizes strength in a positive manner. It depicts that the person is a savior of evils.

  • Religious Symbols:
    There are numerous symbols in religions that signify strength of character. One such symbol is that of Hercules, which is perhaps the best tattoo that represents this quality. There are thousands of Gods and Goddesses in Greek mythology that represent strength, power, and wisdom. To name a few, there are Artemis, Ares, Apollo, Aphrodite, Athena, and Artemis. Find out the specific symbols associated with each of these Greek figures for getting inked so that people can easily identify your character. The cross of Jesus Christ also signifies power of wisdom and reverence.

  • Weapons:
    Weapons have been representing strength and power since ancient times. With body art gaining immense popularity, weapon tattoos have occupied a prominent position in this aspect. Spears, bows and arrows, guns, spades, etc., are considered to be cool and funky. Tribal weapon tattoos are more classy than the modern weapons that are engraved with guns loaded with bullets. These symbols also reflect self protection and possession of power.
  • Ambigrams/Letters:
    Inscribe the word strength on your body and you show what you are. An ambigram of power and strength is also a great way to reflect your powerful character. Tattoo lettering is stylish, crude, and sensuous and you can always don it on your body to represent strength. Pick up phrases and quotes that will truly reflect the courage within you.
If you are hell-bent to get inked, then go ahead and choose a symbol that will suit you perfectly. Also, check out the meanings associated with it and do a little bit of research to get the best image inked on your body.