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Nautical Star Tattoos for Guys

Nautical Star Tattoos for Guys
Nautical star tattoos are popular tattoo designs for men. But does that mean you are a gay or sailor, if you are sporting a nautical star tattoo? Well, the following article will explore all the possibilities about the designs of nautical star tattoos..
Batul Nafisa Baxamusa
One of the top five tattoos for men are the nautical star tattoos The tattoo has a very long history. It is said sailors used to wear the stars on their body, a superstitious belief that the stars will guide them home through the vast seas. It soon became a fashion statement and then the same logic was applied by men in uniform, that is army men, policemen, etc. The soldiers believed that the stars will also guide them home safely through the battlefield victorious. Many soldiers who have been assigned to the Iraq, sport these nautical star tattoos for guys, as it reminds them of home and the hope to return soon.
Many gay-lesbians sported these tattoos during a time when they were unacceptable within the straight society. They would wear a small star tattoo on their wrist that could be easily hidden under watch strap. This was their secret symbol to help identify them among their own people. This nautical star tattoo sported by many gays, have developed a confusion in minds of many people. Many straight guys before getting nautical star tattoos for guys, wonder, if they will be considered gays for wearing that tattoo. Many people also confuse men sporting nautical star tattoos as sailors or soldiers. Anyone and everyone can sport different nautical star tattoos. It is the personal ideology behind the design that counts. If you believe the star to be similar to a guide for your life or just like the design, do not be hesitant to wear a nautical star tattoo. This article will help you learn more on tattoo designs and specially about nautical star tattoo designs, that are sported by men all over the world.
Different Tattoo Designs
5-Pointed Star
Pointed star tattoo
The most popular tattoo is the 5-pointed star. The points are divided in half and filled with alternating colors. These colors are usually black and red or black and white. The sailors sported the North Star as a guide to get them home safely. Therefore, it is common to find many sailors wearing the 5-pointed nautical star tattoo for guys.
Bleeding Star Tattoo
Skull in red star
This star explains a lot about the life of the wearer. The bleeding represents that it was a tough journey and the person has survived every ordeal the sea threw at them and took away all that was important to them, including blood. This tattoo is the favorite of many guys who are involved in the king crab fishing in Alaska. They risk their lives and brave the angry and icy waters of the sea. They see death many times staring right across their faces. Thus, these adventurous men like to wear the bleeding nautical star tattoo for guys that is surrounded by a storm.
Nautical Star Pirate Tattoo
Nautical star pirate tattoo
Another popular tattoo design, nautical star pirate tattoo entices tattoo enthusiasts around the globe. A pirate represents someone who plunders the sea and targets ships sailing in the sea. Many teenage boys like wearing pirates tattoos to show they are fearless and wild, just as the bandits of the sea.
Nautical Star Skull Tattoo
Nautical star skull tattoo
The nautical star tattoos for guys also includes skull designs. This nautical star skull tattoo is as old as the nautical star tattoo art and life at sea. It symbolizes the adventures of the sea and the swashbuckling life that the sailors know. It also means death and the French pirates used to fly their 'lie rouge' flag that intended to take no prisoners. Once this ship was spotted, the other ship's captain and crew would readily hand over their cargo without a word of sigh. It also symbolizes ferocity and toughness of the American pirates, which meant give up or die.
Nautical Star Anchor Tattoo Designs
Vintage retro nautical badge
The nautical star tattoo designs for guys also includes anchor tattoos. These tattoo designs, nautical star anchor were popular among marine and navy sailors. Many young navy cadets get themselves tattooed with anchor tattoos after their first sail crossing the Atlantic. In ancient times, nautical star anchor tattoos also symbolized the early Christian church. It also means to hold on steadfast against all the storms that life builds up and not going astray.
Nautical Star Designs for the Chest
One of the most popular places for nautical star tattoo is the chest. This is mostly preferred by many individuals who get different nautical star tattoos on each side of the chest. The full rigged sailing ship is the most common tattoo design. Nautical star ship is worn on the chest. The ship symbolizes 'homeward bound' and these words are sometimes tattooed below the ship. There are many designs that have different nautical star tattoo meanings, under the category of full rigged ship. You should first learn more about the hidden meaning, before sporting a tattoo. Chest is the most popular place to wear your nautical star tattoo.
Nautical star tattoos for guys basically mean guiding one back home or a safe journey through life. Nautical star tattoos designs are meant for the brave hearts, who face all the storms and dangers of the sea or life. Those of you, who do not wish to get yourself permanently tattooed, yet have a desire to display a nautical star design, then you can opt for nautical star shirts. The nautical star tattoo shirts are available in different designs, colors and variations. Get the taste of the sea or keep the hope of going back home safely. Nautical star tattoos for guys add meaning to your dreams. They are perfect for men who dare.
skull with nautical star
ornate butterfly skull