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Monroe Piercing Cost

The Monroe piercing is getting to be quite a style statement day by day. Learn what the cost of this oomph-inducing piercing is in the following article.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Apr 30, 2018
Pro Tip
Use a marker to experiment with the varied spots and zero in on the exact spot and side to place the piercing.
The Monroe piercing is inspired by the distinct position of the mole on the Marilyn Monroe's upper lip. That strategically placed mole was one of the many reasons that drew people to the hottest siren (for the lack of a better word) of that era and continues to, even now. Factor in the red luscious lips and that pout, and the mole had even more of an effect. Fast forward to today―body piercings are everywhere! Every 7th American has a piercing or a tattoo. As many people as there are dying to get a piercing, there are those many unique piercings that have come up.
And now getting back to the point of Marilyn Monroe and the mole―while she's been gone, many piercing aficionados have made her immortal by getting a Monroe piercing done. If you're one of those piercing regulars and are planning to get one soon, why not look into this piercing? If you're, in fact, giving this facial piercing a serious thought, then you'll need to know the Monroe piercing cost as well and that is what this following article will tell you more about.
Monroe Piercing Rate―Factors to Consider
It is important to understand that no two places will have the same Monroe piercing price. Each lip piercing salon will have its own price sheet drawn, so there are bound to be differences. But what we can surely do is give you an average cost which will help you understand the general price that you're looking to shell out.
The other thing that you should understand is that any  piercing process will not start and end with you entering a piercing parlor and snap ! it's done, or rather that is not how it should be. Piercings and choices should be researched well before taking any decision. So your choice of piercing, its quality and durability, the kind of parlor that you'll be choosing, the doctor you'll probably consult―all these factors will also add to the rate that you'll be paying. The better the parlor, the more the price. The better the quality of the piercing metal, the more the price. Plus the area from which you get it pierced might also add to the list.
The Cost
How much is the Monroe piercing? The average rate could fall anywhere between the price range of $25 - $80 (USD). If you get the piercing done under a proper kit, which comes with the cleaning equipment and silver jewelry, then the entire process will cost approximately $90 (USD).
Then again, if your main aim is to get it done at a very low cost then you can even get one done at $20. But a low cost also means that you'll need to get the hygiene and sterilization methods checked, because at a cost as low as this, these factors are sometimes ignored. And to put it plain and simple, you cannot afford to ignore these factors. If you develop an infection because of an unhygienic place, you'll have to shell out more money to get it treated any which way.
Another important factor that influences the cost is the kind of jewelry that you choose. There are varied kinds of metals that you can go in for like yellow gold, bioplast, stainless steel, solid gold, and titanium, and others.
The Varied Options
The different choices that can be made with this piercing.
Along with the choice in the kind of jewelry to be used and the tattoo parlor chosen, there is also the factor of placement of the jewelry. The jewelry can be placed on either side―the right or the left. There can also be a choice made with the exact spot to get the piercing done. It is usually done off to one side of the upper lip, a little above the lips, or a little higher―towards the nose.
Points to Remember
These are the factors that you should key into before getting a Monroe piercing done:
  • Be absolutely sure that you want the piercing. Don't go in for something that you're not convinced about. Don't do it because your friends want you to do it.
  • Research about the parlor that you're going to get the piercing done from. Do not compromise on hygiene and sterilization factors to save a few extra bucks.
  • Compare a few places to check their price range. That way you'll be absolutely sure that you're getting a good deal.
  • If any of your friends has this piercing, get them to show you the place they got it from. That always helps.
  • The degree of pain felt will depend on a person's pain threshold. Some don't feel it at all, while for others, it hurts a little.
  • Make sure that you take all the precautions that your piercing artist tells you to―do not play with it or touch it when raw. And definitely do not remove it or the pierced hole will close up. The healing time for piercings can vary from individual to individual but it usually takes about 2 - 3 months for it to heal completely.
  • Using a saline soak 2 - 3 times a day will help relieve the pain. Cleaning with a cloth might not be possible when you first get a piercing, so a paper towel will have to be used. A paper towel poses less of a risk of getting stuck in the piercing and pulling it off or shifting it and causing more pain.
  • At times, the metal used for the piercing can cause the enamel of the teeth to chip off and cause abrasions to the gums. This can be prevented by wearing a soft bioplast labret stud in which the rod is made of plastic.
  • Sometimes, one might develop infections. In which case, get the help of a doctor if the pain or swelling does not subside.
  • Change the jewelry piece only after it has healed. Consult the piercing artist before taking any decisions.
The cost of a Monroe piercing isn't as extravagant and can be easily afforded with a little saving done. But for the price that you can get it for, it is absolutely worth it.