Lower Back Tattoos for Girls

Lower back is the perfect place to get inked. Here are some ideas on lower back tattoos for girls.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Jun 15, 2018
Tattoos are now a trend commonly followed by many people. This is an all time hit fashion which any individual can sport. There are a lot of options in terms of placement to get inked. From a delicate one on the toe to a stunning design on the entire back, there are a lot of choices. Lower back is one such place most of the girls prefer to get inked on.
If you are thinking of getting inked on the lower back, then its main advantage is that you can hide it whenever required. There is also a wide range of options in lower back tattoos for girls which will explore here.
Lower back tribal tattoo
Usually done in elongated shapes and designs, tattoos on the lower back highlight the curves and give a sexy touch. These usually extend from the center towards both the sides equally. Though larger in length, these are not much wider.
Flower Tattoo on Lower Back
These mostly cover the lower back and rarely extend upwards. You have the advantage of covering these in formal dressing and flaunting them with low waist and crop tops elsewhere. Those on one side of the lower back area are also common.
Set butterflies tattoo
If you want to have small design instead of the oblong patterns, butterfly tattoos are your best choice. These can be done in colors or only in black ink. The shooting star design is also a perfect choice.
Celtic cross design
Celtic cross tattoos also look classic when placed on the lower back. 
Tribal tattoo on female back
Tribal designs are amongst the ones most commonly opted. You can pair Celtic or floral designs with a lettering tattoo.
Dolphin Tattoo on Back
Tattoo designs for lower back look best when kept delicate. Large designs hardly look good on this body part. These will enhance the beauty of female body and also look stylish. Lovely hummingbird or dolphin tattoos will also look great.
Tribal Vine with Leaves
Heart designs are also a favorite of many girls, which look great when inked on this area. Curvy vine patterns also look beautiful when inked over the lower back.
Lower Back Tattoo Designs
Sun Tattoo on Lower Back
Memento Mori Tattooed on Lower Back
Butterfly Tattoo on Lower Back
Dragon Tattoo on Lower Back
Woman with Lower Back Tattoo
Once you have decided to get inked on your lower back, what's left is to pick up the best design. Now, the numerous design options in these tattoos are sure to confuse you, so go to a reputed tattoo artist check out the album and with his/her opinions and finalize a design.
Following the aftercare needs no mention if you wish to maintain the beauty of this body art. A bit of pain, swelling, and redness is just okay, but extreme pain or swelling are signs of an infection.