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Leopard Print Tattoo: Meanings and Creative Design Ideas

Leopard Print Tattoo: Meanings and Design Ideas
For those looking for dynamic and slightly aggressive-looking designs, a leopard print tattoo can deliver the intensity for both men and women. ThoughtfulTattoos gives you 5 breathtaking designs along with the meanings that this tattoo idea stands for.
Sheetal Mandora
Last Updated: Feb 24, 2018
Spot the Difference
When getting an animal print tattoo, have a clear idea as to what the spots look like. A leopard has clusters of small black and brown rosettes, whereas a cheetah has evenly distributed, black round spots.
Along with a lion, tiger, jaguar, and snow leopard, a leopard is a big cat belonging to the genus Panthera. The enormous size of this apex predator has inspired hundreds, if not thousands, of people to embody their characteristics and traits through tattoos. Although many people choose to ink the magnificent beast's body, some are drawn towards getting their prints or spots as tattoos.

But before you finalize the design, size, and placement of your tattoo, we urge you to understand the meaning or symbolism of this regal creature. And after that, you can take a look at some of our favorite designs that might inspire you to create a unique piece that's perfect for you.
What Does a Leopard Print Tattoo Mean?
To each his own is a phrase that fits appropriately when discussing tattoos. Opinions, beliefs, likes, and dislikes―these aspects or views are subjective, and every individual is entitled to have them. So, when it comes to getting a leopard print tattoo, the meaning of each design will vary depending on these factors.
  • An individual's life experiences that motivate him/her to get the tattoo.
  • Getting the animal print as is or using it with other design elements.
  • Using words or phrases along with the design.
  • Placement of the design on the body.
All these factors play a huge role in defining an individual's choice of tattoo. With this key information in mind, how does a leopard print tattoo come into the mix? Well, such tattoos hold specific meanings and symbolism by itself, which can help a wearer associate them with certain experiences in their lives.
What your Leopard body art can represent...
Adaptability, Brute strength, Intelligence, Solitude, Manipulative, Opportunistic, Protection, Inner power, Nobility, Passion, Possessiveness, Swiftness.
As leopards are known to be solitary and nocturnal cats, their behavior and natural instincts can be applied to derive symbolism for your tattoo. No wonder the markings/spots/prints of this ferociously beautiful beast is a popular choice for tattoos.
5 Leopard Print Tattoo Designs
Although more women find these wild and exotic designs appealing than men, there are plenty of ways to incorporate the prints for both the sexes. Whether you adore large, extensive designs or are a fan of small, but captivating ones, these tattoos will look gorgeous on any part of your body.
leopard print tattoo with flowers on arm
leopard print scratches tattoo on chest
leopard print heart tattoo on thigh
leopard print bow tattoo on calves
leopard paw print tattoo on back
Depending on what the designs are, whether you've included any other elements with the leopard print or not, the overall piece takes on a unique meaning for the wearer. So, the most essential part of getting a tattoo is not the actual procedure, but building the design concept. When you know the message you want to express with your tattoo, an experienced and trustworthy tattoo artist can guide you along the way.
Black leopard tattoo
Leopard Head Portrait
Leopard Head Portrait
Leopard illustration tattoo