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Hip Tattoos for Women

Hip Tattoos for Women
One of the most sensuous forms of body art is hip tattoos. The right design on the right spot can accentuate the beauty of women.
Indrajit Deshmukh
With almost all the celebrities getting attention for their body art, tattoos have become one of the most popular form of expression. In ancient times, tribes started using tattoos to show their affiliation and to mark the warriors. People used their bodies as a canvas to showcase their beliefs and interests. The permanent nature of the art also made it a medium to show loyalties. It is believed that before the use of dye, tattoos were made with hot rods.

In the 20th century, tattoos were restricted to sailors and bikers, but nowadays, they are a popular medium of art and expression. Lot of people are getting themselves tattooed. Knowledge about tattoo care and maintenance is present among the population. The popularity of this form of art has not escaped the entertainment industry, with television reality shows like Miami Ink and LA Ink based on the lives of tattoo artists.

Hip tattoos were popular in ancient times, as the women used them to advertise their nature, for example, if a lady had a shy nature, she would have a delicate flower or a feline tattoo on her body. These tattoos look cool and if they have the design to complement, it can make the woman even more desirable. Using hip tattoo designs that have interwoven lines and vibrant colors can attract attention to your tattoo. If you are the discreet kind, you can go for small hip tattoos, which can easily be hidden from view with clothing. Some of the hip tattoo ideas you could explore are:
Tattoo Lettering
You can use tattoo lettering styles to engrave quotes, poems, or the name of your beloved on your hips. R&B star Rihanna has a Sanskrit poem tattooed on her hip. If your personality inclines towards humor, you could have words like 'You can't touch this', on your hip that can make people smile.
Tribal Tattoos
With their free-flowing lines and hypnotic designs, tribal tattoos are one of the unique hip tattoos that you could opt for. Having tribal symmetrical designs woven around images of angels or swords are very attractive. Let your imagination run bold and wild when contemplating hip tattoos. Use colors that jump out and command the attention of people around you.
Flower Tattoos
A flower tattoo looks awesome on any woman; it reflects beauty, grace, and the delicate nature of women around the world. If you are looking for cute hip tattoos, then getting a flower tattooed on your hip is the best idea. Experiment with the tattoo design. Have entwined vines with multiple flowers blooming on your lower hip region. Flower tattoo meanings can also play a part here; having a white lily denotes innocence, getting a hibiscus flower tattoo exemplifies purity. These hip tattoos for girls are very popular.
Butterfly Tattoos
Butterfly Tattoos
A delicate symbol of grace and elegance, the butterfly tattoo is one of the best lower hip tattoo designs. You could have a single small butterfly on your lower hip region which can only be admired by a privileged few. Another way to make your tattoo interesting is having a butterfly caught in a snakes grip trying to escape. If the tattoo artist is good, you could try to superimpose the image of a butterfly on a flower or the image of the rising sun.
Hip tattoos for women, which include wild animals like cougars, lioness, and cute deers are also very popular among teenagers. Get a tattoo which represents your thoughts and which characterizes you best. After all they say, a picture is worth a hundred words.
Henna tattoo mandala in mehndi style. Pattern for coloring book.
Paisley ornamental element
Butterfly Tattoos
Love, hand lettering for your design, calligraphy inscription. Brush