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Gypsy Tattoo Designs and Meanings

Gypsy Tattoo Designs and Meanings
A gypsy tattoo is colorful, bold, and nevertheless attractive because it is, eventually, a face of a pretty woman with heavy makeup and detailed adornments. The best part about getting this tattoo design is the scope of creativity it brings forth during conceptualization. This ThoughtfulTattoos article will give you some beautiful and unique gypsy tattoo designs and explain the meaning behind this traditional design.
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Did You Know?
Research states that gypsies, also known as the 'Romanis', originated from northern India and then moved to parts of Europe, more than a thousand years ago. They are nomads―people who don't belong to a fixed land. Hence, getting a gypsy tattoo signifies the spirit of freedom, exploration, carefreeness, and more.
A lot of things enter your mind when you think of gypsies. It wouldn't be wrong to say that understanding them is a bit confusing. Their portrayals to humans like us can be quite contradictory if you think of it from varied angles. Where on one hand, their life seems to be an open book with no walls, no materialistic possessions, so to say, on the other hand, there lies a mystery behind their openness. If you think practically, what is it that they could possibly gather when it comes to the wealth of the world? But when you think of it spiritually, their nomadic ways of living, moving from one place to another, is perhaps a hunt to search the wealth of nature. To learn from the power that nature possesses, and to use it for the benefit of others. Why do you think they make great fortunetellers?

Based on this observation, it wouldn't be wrong to say that this tattoo design holds great importance on a spiritual level. While you may want to get this design done purely for its beauty (and we wouldn't blame you for that), understanding its spiritual significance will take the whole purpose of getting this tattoo to the next level altogether. The following section presents some beautiful gypsy tattoo designs and gives a brief explanation of their meaning and relevance.
Amazing Gypsy Tattoo Designs with Their Meanings
You can be as experimental as you wish to be when it comes to this theme: play with the colors, the expression of the beautiful lady, the adornments she wears, and the elements that surround her. However, there are some rules you must follow if you want the tattoo the old-school way. First off, a traditional gypsy tattoo usually has a woman with black-colored hair, deep skin tone, and heavy makeup with quite a bit of emphasis on her eyes and lips. She usually wears a veil, with feathers, roses, and jewels on her head, and is accompanied by a crystal ball in most designs. However, you can make your tattoo as creative and unique as you want.

These days, a popular twist that has come to the old design of this tattoo is the fusion of a gypsy tattoo with a sugar skull tattoo. Another variant that can be seen lately is playing with the expression of the woman. While usually, it was a blank gaze, now there are various designs that play with this facet of the design. A gypsy tattoo is meant for the explorer, the searcher. Explore further through the following ideas.
The 'Stargaze Look' Depicting Divination
stargaze look gypsy tattoo
Call it the gift of soothsaying, fortunetelling, or divination, it means to possess the foresight into the future. Gypsies were believed to possess the power to look beyond the present, to gaze into a person, and see what seems to be impossible, the hidden secrets, the forthcoming consequences of the past. This idea would be great for someone who possess this gift, the gift of intuition, to predict the future, to sense the power of divination.
The 'Sugar Skull Twist' Depicting Honor to the Deceased
Sugar Skull Twist
Here's the fusion of two of the most popular feminine tattoos in this art form. Instead of the beautiful face of a gypsy, with red lips, painted eyes, and rosy cheeks, here the face gets replaced by a skull; however, it is adorned with beautiful flowers on the head, curls in the hair, and elegance in the posture. This tattoo symbolizes honor of a dear one, perhaps a woman who symbolized the spirit of a nomad, or to be more specific, someone who appreciated freedom, nature, traveling, and spirituality. Someone whose beauty resided in her carefreeness, happiness, and contentment with life.
The 'Company of Nature' Depicting Love for Nature and Freedom
Company of Nature
These elements just accentuate the whole theme, and in the process, add an all new zest of spirituality in the design. Symbols such as butterflies, birds, and flowers depict ethereal beauty, and in the etherealness, they highlight the importance of happiness, contentment, and freedom. If you are a person who gets inspiration from nature, its unpredictability is the main essence of its beauty. The fact is that nature doesn't plan like us humans; it lives every moment like it were its last, and this notion is something that the gypsies followed as well.
The 'Gaze into the Crystal Ball' Depicting Good Luck in the Future
gaze into the crystal ball gypsy tattoo
The crystal ball infuses a sense of magic, mystery, and the hope that something miraculous is awaiting in the future, that the future will definitely bring us good luck and fortune. A crystal ball is nothing but a ball of hope, of desire, of optimism. While it is true that the prophecies that come out of the crystal gaze may also be negative in nature, the fact is that when we resort to something as mystical as soothsaying, the intention is always to find ways to a bright and happy future, isn't it?
The 'Covered Face' Depicting Mystery and Desire
mysterious covered face gypsy tattoo
This is how we started this article, emphasizing on the fact that the nomadic lifestyle of gypsies, to live out in the open, in tents and temporary settings, gives us the impression of openness, yet a great mystery lies in the veils they wear. The mysticism that is created with revealing and not revealing their lives depicts a sense of magical mystery. Such a design also depicts a sense of desire, desire to unveil what's hidden, what maybe and what should be. Truly spiritually confusing? Well, that's the whole essence of it!
Some 'Out-of-the-box' Designs
unique gypsy tattoos
The traditional symbolism of this tattoo theme can be summarized in these words: independence, femininity, accomplishments, contentment, luck, search, and natural living. However, as we had mentioned earlier, a tattoo is devoid of any limitations as long as you associate with the final design created. With the aforementioned designs and meanings, we are sure you will find your way through.
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