Gothic Tattoo Designs

Gothic Tattoo Designs
Considering the varieties of Gothic tattoo designs that exist, we can say that these designs do not belong to a particular category. Given information regarding these beautiful pieces of body art.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Jun 14, 2018
There is a common misconception among people that Gothic tattoo designs are exclusively related to the world of death and darkness. However, the truth is that these tattoos can also be as creative, designable, and artistic as you can ever think of. Due to the beauty and appeal of these tattoo designs, more and more people are choosing to wear them.
Varieties of Gothic Tattoos
Dragon illustration tattoo
There are many types of Gothic tattoos which can be simple or ones with highly intricate designs. A good example would be a small dragon on the back of the neck done using black or green ink.
Sign of dragon head
In complex tattoos, the designs can be so complicated that it may take time for the watcher to know what all the tattoo is actually made up of. For example, a tattoo which consists of a big colorful dragon or a snake strangling a man who is turn trying to fight back.
Fantasy dragon tattoo
Broadly, there are two types of Gothic tattoos; the fantasy ones and the occult ones. The former relate to all fantasy entities such as fairies, dragons, mermaids, vampires, etc.
Skull with wings
The latter relate to occults of pagan and Wiccan practices like tarot, pentangle, athame, skulls, ankhs. These include angels, crosses, devils, dragons, fairies, lizards, monsters, scorpions, snakes.
Design Ideas
Skull tattoo on chest body
As simple tattoos can be small, they can be made anywhere on or behind the neck, arm, leg, or feet. If you decide to make complicated Gothic designs, you would require some amount of space; such as on the chest, back, whole arm, stomach, etc.
Red dragon
Common Gothic tattoos are a cross which is over decorated, combined with barbed wires and knives, an upside-down sword with a snake crawling to the top, a skull covered with green climbers, a red-colored heart with huge wings but caged in, and a big red dragon. 
These tattoo designs can even consist of surroundings and settings from the Gothic era such as a horrific castle belonging to the devil.
Gothic portrait tattoos are also famous among tattoo enthusiasts, such as a face of a woman with long hair which consists of small skulls. 
dragon tattoo
Some other popular designs are a big skull with hair made in rose flowers, big stars with skulls inside, a blood-thirsty vampire biting a woman, a dragon or the devil bound with a cross, the body of a fairy but the face of a witch, etc.
Devil wolf design
One of the most scary tattoo designs is a big face of the devil, monster, witch, or Dracula with additional details.
Dragon vector silhouette
There are a variety of Gothic tattoos designs available. To know some more designs, you can simply surf the Internet for good patterns and tattoo combinations that you think would look good on you.
Visiting the tattoo store and referring to the designs available is another good option of choosing a suitable design. Moreover, you can also think about your own designs and patterns, and ask the tattoo artist to make it according to how you want.