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Gothic Fairy Tattoos

Gothic Fairy Tattoos
Gothic fairy tattoo designs have become popular as they add a mythical aspect to regular tattoos. This article discusses the origin of the design and some popular designs used today.
Bhakti Satalkar
Silhouette of fairy isolated on white background
Gothic tattoos have become very popular among the youth. The Gothic subculture simultaneously developed in Europe and the United States in the late 70s and early 80s. A misconception about the Goths is that they are morbidly fascinated with death or occult. On the contrary, they are highly creative and artistic people who also have a strong intellectual bent of mind. The fairy tattoos can be seen as an example of their artistic and creative side.
Origin of the Design
Fairies are a part of many Western cultures. They take different shapes and forms in different cultures. They are associated with angels, or they can also be seen as more impish creatures, similar to goblins and pixies. According to various regional folklore, however, fairies are supposed to be the spirits of people who have passed on. To others, fairies are special guardians, like angels. The Gothic style of tattoo art started during the Medieval times between the 12th and 14th century. It was mostly based on religious imagery, and focused on Christian paintings, sculptures, and architecture. These fairy tattoos can be associated with Goths as well with Gothic art of the Medieval times.
The most common perception of fairies comprises creatures with human-like appearances having wings. Most of these tattoos are based on the paintings of the Middle Ages. The images of Gothic fairies which are created today resemble designs made in those times. In modern designs, a fairy is depicted as a young winged human of small stature, but the Medieval fairies were seen as tall and radiant beings. The most commonly used design is that of the downcast girl fairy. The fairy can be seen sitting on the ground and shedding a tear with tattered wings. These motifs have become a major craze among tattoo aficionados. To them, the tattoo symbolizes the characteristics of the fairy in the person, like beauty and innocence. The fairy can be drawn to be happy or doleful, cute or morbid.
Black ink is prominently used. A little red and blue ink can also be used, but most of them are black. The shoulder or the arm is the preferred region to get inked. These days, you may come across fairy tattoos on the neck as well as the chest. Flying fairies look good when they are drawn along vertical places on the body. Hence, these designs can be made on the waist, shoulder-blade, neck, shoulder, ankle, arm, as well as the wrist. The form and the size of the design can vary; they can be small or large. Whatever the color or size, they certainly make for classy designs.
If you like the mythical past, then you can opt for a Gothic fairy design. These tattoos have a growing band of faithful followers.