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'Faith Love Hope' Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas

'Faith Love Hope' Tattoo Meaning and Design Ideas
One of the most crucial reason that has attracted many towards getting a tattoo is the need for constant inspiration. At times, we know it all but still need a much-needed reminder that keeps us on track. This ThoughtfulTattoos article discusses one such tattoo theme―Faith-love-hope-tattoos, their meanings, and design ideas.
Shalu Bhatti
"Three things will last forever- faith, hope, and love -and the greatest of these is love."
― 1 Corinthians 13:13,New Living Translation (NLT)
We don't blame the skeptic minds who've seen enough of self-centeredness to actually have any faith or hope, that love will find a way into their lives, or, if it actually exists at all! But, the truth is that it is none other than love that truly keeps us all alive in the true sense of the word. Yes, love is what keeps us alive, but there are a lot many things that we must cater to in today's world, so as to truly receive the love that is needed to keep us going. First off, we must have faith that this highly wishful, crazy, yet sought-after feeling called love truly exists within and around us, and this should be kindled by a hope that we will find it sooner or later.
Faith-love-hope tattoos come to our rescue when our beliefs oppose what we experience in reality. When a knight in shining armor appears to be a fake cheat who wrapped himself in an aluminum foil, or, the perfect dream girl puts such a dent on your heart that you stop loving or hoping completely. When such experiences crowd our surrounding, the light of goodness seems to flutter. This is the time when we must keep our hopes alive. Seriously, we can't get pricked by a thorn and cease to believe in the magical scent of roses, right? When two opposite sides pull us apart, always stick to the one that you feel happy about, and this tattoo theme helps you do exactly the same!
16 Faith Love Hope Tattoo Designs and their Meanings
Unlike most tattoo themes that revolve around a design, this theme revolves around the three most precious words in English dictionary―Faith, Love, and Hope! The meaning and significance of these words in our lives needn't be explained, in fact, words can run short, or we may just not find the right words to put across what these words denote in their togetherness. Let's just say that they are the daily dose of medicine that will rejuvenate our dampened spirit when we face the "practicality" around. How do you prescribe this medicine? Well, for all you tattoo enthusiasts out there, we have the following forms in which you can get this three-words-pill prescribed (or should we say inscribed) for life. We present to you, 16 awesome faith-love-hope tattoo designs.
#1. A Religious Connotation ...
faith love hope tattoo on back
What would be a better tattoo for us to start this list with, if not inspired by the Bible? This design is composed of three elements: The Crucifix, the heart of Jesus Christ, and the rising dove which is a symbol of peace, hope, and resurrection in Christianity. Jesus' sacrifice on the cross symbolizes faith, and His heart is the epitome of love He had for us sinners. The rising dove, on the other hand, is symbolic of the hope that Jesus gave us all. He promised the believers that He will give us all, the Holy Spirit, who will be a hope in this sinful world, who will guide us in these darkened paths. This tattoo symbolizes all these connotations perfectly!
#2. The Words that Give Us Freedom ...
artsy faith love hope tattoo
Isn't it beautiful how these three words have been artistically used to form the wings of the beautiful abstract butterfly! Don't you think that each and everyone of us is "abstract" in some way or the other? And that this "abstractness" doesn't really get to a point where it can be fully free somehow? Rejection of the thoughts that make us what we are is something that takes us away from faith and hope in ourselves. But, if we stick to loving our existence, to having faith in our abstract selves, and always hope to live our dreams, we are forming the wings that will help us take the ultimate flight to freedom.
#3. A Tattoo that Defines Infiniteness ...
faith love hope infinity tattoo on foot
We love the meaning that lies behind this particular tattoo, it's quite deep for sure! Here, the tattoo symbolizes that it is only through infinite love, faith, and hope that one can actually attain their purpose of existence. For what is a man/woman without love, without faith in the goodness of the world, and a hope that tomorrow's sunrise will bring in a new ray of happiness? The feather represents the fragility, the delicateness that these three words possess, that how easily we tend to wither our hope and faith in love during the rocky times. The tiny hearts beautifully infused in this design brilliantly highlight the importance of love, for without love there cannot be faith and hope. Think about it, we put our faith in someone because we love them, we also hope because we love the idea of what this hope will bring our way. Nonetheless, the infinity symbol just takes the delicateness of this design to a stronger side altogether.
#4. Faith, Love, Hope ... from Everywhere!
Young Muscular Russian Man Shirtless
Most people hate to get a tattoo design that is fairly common, however, this design is one unique exception! Ambigram tattoos are extraordinary in the way they are designed, so that, irrespective of the tattoo being straight, or upside down, one sees the words inked in the right order. The strokes are the trick, wherein the letters are designed in such a manner that you see faith, love, and hope from each and every side. This tattoo inspires us just the same―to see these three things in each and everything that comes our way!
#5. Not Words but Symbols ...
faith love hope anklet tattoo
We often explain symbols through words, but here, this tattoo explains words through symbols. We have already discussed the meaning of the cross as a symbol of faith. It isn't new that the ultimate symbolism of love can be nothing else other than the heart. And last but not the least, the anchor symbol is representative of hope. In fact, in these tattoos, the anchor sign is quite a popular symbol used to represent hope. This tattoo is ideal to be inked on the ankle or wrists.
#6. Your Personal Doze of Inspiration ...
faith love hope sleeve tattoo
At times we know it all but tend to forget. We know life isn't always easy, always fair, and that every cloud indefinitely has a silver lining, but still we let the darkness overshadow the light in our hearts. If this is something that you have been struggling all your life, then this tattoo would be the perfect one for you. The togetherness of skeletons and roses symbolize life and death, beauty and ugliness ..., they represent the duality of life which consists of both the likable and unlikable. Alternately, the roses are also symbolic of the hope that blooms in difficult times.

Skulls are used to portray death, end, and the afterlife. Death is about what was, flowers that bloom represent the beauty of today, and also a hope for an even beautiful tomorrow. The quote inked sums up the entire meaning of this tattoo: "Have faith in what was, Love what is, and Hope for what will be ...." Yes, whatever we have seen so far in life is all about what was and what is. It is only the hope of what will be, is what keeps us going ahead, isn't it?
#7. A Tattoo that Nourishes Your Existence ...
faith love hope tree tattoo
Tree tattoos have always had a wonderfulness about them. Be it their size or detailing, tree tattoos invariably depict one's own existence. Here, in this design, the words, love, hope, faith are written at the roots of the tree, thereby depicting that the beliefs represented by these three words are what makes our life grow abundantly. These are the very words that nourish the roots of our existence―An extraordinary meaning, indeed!
#8. The Lucky Cards that Make You a Winner!
faith love hope cards tattoo
Happy, content, and hopeful people are often termed as 'lucky' by many in the social surrounding. This tattoo does a tremendous job at displaying the lucky cards that make one a winner in life, which are none other than faith, hope, and love! Many people think happiness comes from external sources, from people or things outside us, but the truth is that it all starts from within. Sadly, many people fail to understand this point, and those who do, are "lucky" to have these beliefs imprinted on them!
#9. The Words that Give You Peace!
faith love hope peace tattoo design
Peace is the symbol of love, hope, and faith for sure, because without these three elements, it would be impossible for us to get peace in this world. The whole composition of this tattoo design is simply phenomenal. The infusion of vines, flowers, peace symbol, and the minute detailing, make this design truly fantastic!
#10. The Design that Forms Your Life's Beat!
faith love hope heartbeat style tattoo design
Another, more of a symbolic tattoo of this theme is the one with a heartbeat, cross, heart shape, and a peace dove. The four elements in one single line, made with the very same stroke, is truly eye-catching! To sum it all up, this design explains that the pulse of life that will keep beating only if we get an ongoing doze of faith, love, and hope. A simple-yet-powerful thought for the soul!
#11. ... Not Only Inked, but Imprinted!
faith love hope fingerprint tattoo design
Another interesting and unique idea that would be successful in imprinting the need for living in faith, love, and hope! Fingerprints are unique and each person has a different pattern altogether! Similarly, the way these beliefs will revive our lives will also vary from one person to another. Symbolizing these very aspects, you can use your own fingerprint in this design, and make your tattoo unique with your own touch!
#12. Your Life's Awareness Ribbon!
faith love hope ribbon tattoo design
Awareness ribbons have become more or less like a trend these days and we strongly believe that such trends must be encouraged. You can do so at your end by blending this theme with your tattoo theme. One sample of how it's done is given above―Simple, elegant, and spreads awareness!
#13. The Art in These Words ...
beautiful faith love hope tattoo design
This is a fine example of how artistically one can blend these words into a gorgeous tattoo. Do we need to explain more? The design says it all!
#14. These are What You Must Display ...
cute faith love hope tattoo design
We often display our expensive clothes, our high-end luxuries, our proud attitude, and all such things to those we meet, don't we? However, what we should truly display through our demeanor, are these three gestures! Hang these words not in your walls, but on yourself and let all who come into your life experience the magic that faith, love, and hope can bring into their lives.
#15. Let These Words Bloom ...
floral faith love hope tattoo design
We think that the beauty and the relevance of this design would accentuate all the more if it is inked with all the colors intact. Colors of the flowers are always welcomed with love, and they bring in a sense of positivity around. Along with these three words, this tattoo design ensures that the wearer shall never lack the colors that are needed to keep faith, love, and hope intact in his/her life.
#16. Yet Another Religious Design ...
detailed faith love hope religious tattoo design
The rays of the light that take shape of a cross, the beautiful vines that grow to form the shape of wings, and the scroll that depicts the three ethereal words ... what is there to not love about this design? The brilliant details and fusion of these different elements, makes this design one of the most desirable option in the list, doesn't it?
If you tune into your creative mode, the ways through which you can get this tattoo theme inked are endless, actually endless! Be it with simple words or along with the infusion of some complementing symbols, this theme is one among the rare ones that everybody in the planet can relate to. Hope these ideas helped you come up with your own version of the tattoo. Get a gorgeous one!
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