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Chest Piece Tattoos for Guys

If you are thinking of getting chest piece tattoos engraved on your body, then you can go through the following article. Here, you can have a look at a few men tattoos for chest and get more ideas about to get one.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: Mar 10, 2018
Tattoos are no longer a fetish for rebellious minds and teenage fantasy. They have evolved into body art that more people from different walks of life are interested in. However, in many professional set ups, it does not look appropriate to be covered in tattoos. Thus, many people engrave their favorite designs in places that can remain hidden in a formal set up and be flashed during a night out. Men, especially bikers are known to wear large tattoos that suit their masculine structure. One such body idea for men is getting a chest piece tattoo. These tattoos look manly and can easily be hidden under a shirt. If you too are thinking of getting one, you can go through the following paragraphs and learn more about chest piece tattoos for guys.
How to Get a Chest Tattoo?
Before we have a look at a few images of men tattoos for chest, let us learn how to get one. When choosing a chest piece tattoo design, choose one that has a flowing design. You should think of the curves and valleys of your chest muscles when designing a tattoo. Next, think about the color scheme you wish to use. You can use a monochrome scheme of just black and white or go in for a multicolor tattoo effect. Many people opt for a gray and black shading for their tattoos on chest. You can choose a large design if you wish, but keep in mind the price factor. Larger the tattoo that covers up the broad space of your chest, more the money you are expected to shell out. Although men don't cry, but one should consider the pain factor. Remember, it may really hurt over the breastbone area as well as around the nipples. Find a reputed tattoo salon and make sure the tattoo artists follows all the rules. This means s/he uses a sterile needle, the place is clean and a first aid kit is nearby, in case of emergency.
Ideas for Chest Piece Tattoos for Men
You have decided to get your chest engraved with a tattoo. But, have no idea as to which design you would like to get on your chest. Men generally prefer getting names, biblical quotes, lions and jaguars, eagles, and even Oriental lettering engraved on their chest. The most popular place for getting a chest tattoo is on the left or right side of the chest, just above the pectoral muscles. Some tattoos start in the chest and end in the back. Tribal patterns are often chosen as they generally extend to other parts like shoulder, arms, sleeves, and even the waist. The following images will help you find the right tattoo that suits your style, personality as well as requirement.
Skulls and Bones
You can try the all time favorite tattoos for men, the Skull. Add a little uniqueness to it by tattooing a few stars around the shoulders. This will give an old pirate look who trusts only the stars to help him find a way through the dark sea.
Words of Motivation
If you are looking for some motivation in your life, get your favorite words of strength tattooed across your chest. You can see the word 'Strength' tattooed many times on the chest of the model in the above image. You too can get words that inspire you designed as a chest piece tattoo.
Eye of an Eagle
Who said there is an age limit to get yourself tattooed? Mature men with graying hair too get themselves tattooed with classic designs like an eagle or a cheetah on their chest.
A Rebellious Streak
You think you wanna break free of all the rules? Do you want to prove yourself to the world? Then go ahead, get a tattoo all over your chest and your arms. Choose a design that conveys your message of rebellion to the world.
The Blue and White Mosaic Design
Try the one shouldered chest piece tattoo look for guys. You can try embedding an image of a flower or your favorite animal around a mosaic design of blue and white. You can even try the old black and white mosaic look that will go down well with this design.
The Koi Fish Tattoo
The koi fish is a symbol of worldly aspiration and advancement. Men who wish to conquer the world and be successful in all their endeavors, will find no better tattoo design than the Koi fish tattoo for guys.
More Ideas for Chest Piece Tattoos for Men
Apart from the above given ideas, you can try out some other chest piece tattoo designs as well. You can choose a new look and a unique design that will suit your personality as well as desire.
These are some of the chest piece tattoos for guys that will make your chest appear as an interesting canvas of colors and design. As you can see, there are a wide variety of choices available for getting a chest tattoo for men. If you still haven't found what you are looking for, then you can visit a tattoo salon and go through their designs for more ideas.