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Arm Tattoos for Women

Let's see some nice arm tattoo designs for women.
Indrajit Deshmukh Sep 29, 2018
Since their origin, tattoos have inspired awe and intrigue, making the bearer of this body art the center of attention. Many ancient tribes used them to mark their tribesmen and women, and the designs they used were directly corelated to their surroundings or belief system.
Native Indians used wolf patterns to mark warriors in the clan, as these animals represented masculinity. Nowadays, arm tattoos have become very popular, with many celebrities sporting various designs on their arms.
Pamela Anderson made armband body art famous by sporting a barbwire band in her hit movie Barbwire. She made these tattoos very popular amongst women.
Angelina Jolie also has a unique design of the longitude and latitude co-ordinates of Cambodia, Ethiopia, and Vietnam, the native countries of her adopted children. Kelly Osbourne, daughter of rocker Ozzy Osbourne, has a synthesizer on one arm and an anchor on the other.
When thinking of arm tattoos, several designs come to mind, some of which are flowers, butterflies, and tribal patterns. Many women prefer getting inked on their arms, as it is considerably less painful than some other areas of the body.
While choosing the design for the art, check if it truly represents your personality and if you truly identify with it. One of the reasons behind this is that a tattoo is permanent and stays with you for life, unless you spend a lot of money on getting a cosmetic surgery to remove it. Here are a few designs for this type of body art for women.


You could choose from a variety of flower designs, like lotus, rose, lily, hibiscus, etc. Look at the meanings of individual flowers and choose a design that appeals to you.
The color also plays a significant role. For example, a white lily represents purity, while an orange lily represents passion.


You can have 2-3 small butterflies in different color combinations on your lower arm so that they are visible even when you wear a t-shirt.
Another design is to have the wings of the creature wrap around the length of your lower arm. Also try a combination of butterfly and flower tattoos.

Tribal Designs

The tribal body art designs are very appealing, with their overlapping designs and long flowing lines. The shading in the designs also make these tattoos very eye-catching.
If you are adventurous, use designs like snakes and skulls. Tribal designs are great tattoos for women and are popular with the biker chicks. Sleeve inkings look cool on every girl, whether you choose a tribal or any other design.

Zodiac Signs

Almost everyone is intrigued by zodiac signs and the different symbols used to depict them. You could get your zodiac sign and that of your partner inked on your arm in different colors to make it an interesting design.
A girl had the design of her sign, Taurus, entwined with the Libra, which was her boyfriend's zodiac sign, inked on her upper arm.
Some of the other arm tattoo designs that are really popular are the vines and Celtic patterns. When you go in for getting inked, ask the artist for some tips regarding aftercare. Also, make sure that you visit a tattoo parlor which has a good reputation for art and hygiene.