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Best Arm Tattoos for Men

Best Arm Tattoos for Men
The ancient civilizations wore tattoos as symbols of identity. Today, impressions of the same are worn as fashion trends. However, the design is close to every wearer's heart. Find out more about some amazing arm tattoo designs for men...
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For centuries, tattoos have been symbols of identity, reverence and respect. An overview of tattooing history suggests, that, tattoos were reminders of certain incidences, associations and thoughts that were far too precious to let go. The art of tattooing was prevalent in ancient China, Egypt, India, Philippines, Indonesia, Europe, Japan, the Middle East, Samoa and Persia, which has translated into a fashion trend in modern times.

Although tattoos have now become a fashion statement for many wearers, the concept of tattooing still remains the same. A tattoo design is an intensely personal thought and sentiment of the wearer, which always has a story to tell.
Tribal Tattoos
Tribal tattoos
The first kind of tattoos ever to be drawn were amongst the ancient tribal communities. Their tattoo designs go back 5000 years, revealing a lot about the history of evolution. Tribal arm tattoos were a part of long-lost traditions and rituals, that marked their ranks, superiority and seniority. Tribal tattoos such as Maori imprints are rare to see, which makes them stand out in the crowd. Majority of tribal tattoos exude an aura of power, freedom of expression, strength, valor, bravery and emanate power through their discreet symbolism, meaning, origin and theories that surround them. These permanent body ornamentation reflect characteristics of tribal men who lived in a bolder world which dared to explore new boundaries.
Celtic Tattoos
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For many, Celtic tattoo designs are just about a cross or rings woven together. However, these tattoos have a far deeper meaning than just being intricate geometric patterns. Celtic tattoos have been around the longest amongst tattoo lovers. Reflecting a culture that goes back 2700 years, these designs are popular; known as mysterious series of knots, inscrutable labyrinths of whirls and whorls, zoomorphic pictorials caught up in knots and the famous shamrock which stands for the Holy Trinity, bringing good luck to the wearer. Although very little is known about the Celtic symbols, the fact remains that they were worn to ward off evil spirits, welcome seasons of change and to remember moments of love and luck.
Phrase Tattoos
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Words that touch the nerve are held close by the heart. They are reminiscent of fleeting moments of love or greatest moments of incandescent inspiration. The famous 'Let them hate as long as they fear', worn by David Beckham on his right arm, is definitely more than just a phrase. Spanish and Latin tattoo phrases are in vogue with most of the celebrities vying to wear it on their sleeve. However, since you are inking it permanently, get a phrase that you truly believe in, instead of blindly doing it for the trend.
Zodiac Tattoos
Zodiac Tattoos
Zodiac signs mean more than just joining stars up above to make fancy designs. They indicate our core personalities, traits, patterns of behavior with respect to our birth time. These celestial bodies have fascinated us for the longest time, to such an extent that each culture has its own version. So if you think your sign has played a major role in making you the person you are, wear it on your sleeve. Zodiac tattoos stand for your inherent characteristics, weaknesses and strengths.
Pictorial Tattoos
Pictorial Tattoo
People come and go, because forever is too good to be true. What lasts forever are the memories of happy times spent together. Inking pictures of those you love such as your parents, kids, spouses or mentors is also a good tattoo idea which pays them a tribute. Go through old pictures to pick out some of the best moments you've captured with these special people in your life. A pictures tattoo can have its favorite saying or a quote too.

Arm tattoos can stretch over the entire arm or just one part of it. As these are visible tattoos, be sure about the design and the location. A mistake in either of the two, you would have to regret it for the rest of your life. Removing a tattoo is a very expensive affair and when it was meant to be forever, what is the point in getting rid of it? If you are unsure of how well you will be able to carry it, wear a temporary tattoo for six months. See how it looks on you and then go in for a permanent one. A tattoo is an indelible mark on your skin. Thus, doing it on a whim would be an irreversible act. So, think before you ink, is my final advice!
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