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Surprising! What Men Really Think of Women With Tattoos

What Men Really Think of Women With Tattoos
Do men find women with tattoos attractive? Or is it just the opposite? Let's find out what men really think about tattoos on women.
Mukulika Mukherjee
Last Updated: Feb 23, 2018
Did You Know?
According to a Harris poll, 14% of Americans have at least one tattoo somewhere on their body.
Gone are the days when tattoos were only sported by a select few. Today, tattoos have become popular among men and women alike, and everyone is considering getting a tattoo done to express their individuality for the world to see. In fact, tattoos are a great way to express your passion for something, be it a genre of music, or a sport. While most tattoo lovers are happy with just a few signature tattoos on their body, there are some who go all the way, and get almost every inch of their body covered in ink.
The love for tattoos aside, do tattoos make you look cool? Do tattoos make you more appealing to the opposite sex? While we know most girls find tattoos attractive on guys, let us find out what the guys have to say. Sounds interesting already? Well, here's more...
What the Guys Say...
Beautiful girl with stylish make-up and tattooed arms.
If you ask a few guys how they would react if their girl walked in sporting a tattoo, most of them will probably reply that they would love it. While some might just not care, there are very few who would probably be annoyed by the tattoo. A hypothetical situation as this is, it illustrates a simple fact - guys love tattoos, most guys do! But is it as simple as it sounds? Well, it's not, and here's why.

"While tattoos may look sexy on a girl, what matters is where she has them, and in what designs.", say the guys.

While small, feminine designs, such as butterflies, fairies, flowers, vines, etc., score high on the attractiveness meter, designs that are primarily associated with men, such as barbed wires, are not commonly liked, and so are full sleeve tattoos. As far as the location of the tattoo is concerned, tattoos on the wrists, shoulders, toes, ankles, and in the region behind the ears, look really sexy.

Some guys say that tattoos that are not visible when the girl is dressed in everyday attire, are attractive in a mysterious kind of way, and also have an intimate appeal. So, for all the women out there who wish to get a tattoo for that special someone in your life, get one on your lower hips, or the belly-button. Anything that's over-the-top is a strict no-no, and women should know where to stop!
What Research Says...
Research Concept
Here is the result of an experiment led by Nicolas Guegén of France's Université de Bretagne-Sud. The first part of the experiment was conducted with 11 girls of college-going age, who were rated as attractive by 31 guys. The women were asked to visit a beach in France several times, dressed in red bikinis, and lay on the beach on their stomach, reading a book. Half the number of times, each woman was asked to wear a temporary tattoo on her lower back, which was big enough to be noticed by the guys passing by. It was observed that men were more likely to approach the women when they were sporting the tattoo, than when they were not.

The second part of the experiment involved 440 men, whose average age was 22.3 years, and were asked what they thought was the likelihood that a said girl on the beach would go out on a date with him, and would likely get intimate with him on the first date. For the sake of the experiment, the men were always asked about the girls in the red bikini. Most men replied that they felt the girls with tattoos were more likely to say yes.

The results of this experiment are quite disturbing, as they indicate that guys find women with lower back tattoos to be more approachable, and more likely to be open about going on dates and getting intimate, as compared to women who do not wear such a tattoo.
The Bottom Line...
Women with tattoos are perceived as adventurous, intriguing, and the ones who love to experiment. Women should keep it classy when it comes to tattoos. Most guys appreciate a tattoo that is a reminder of an important phase or event in life. Just don't go for a tattoo simply because you feel it might change your image or what people think about you. Go for a design that really inspires you, one that you won't ever regret getting.
Tattoo On Body
Tattooing is one of America's fastest growing trends, and is catching up with people from all age groups and from every walk of life. And now that you are aware of what men really think about women sporting tattoos, have you decided on your tattoo yet?
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