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Sister Tattoo Ideas

Indrajit Deshmukh Nov 23, 2018
Sisters exploring ideas for tattoos can either get matching tattoos or look at designs that complement your belief systems and sense of style. Invest some time in looking up designs before you decide...
The art of tattooing is really catching on, and you can be a part of this culture. If you have a sister and are planning to get tattooed together, there are several designs that range from the delicate butterfly to the morbid looking skull. Identical twins with matching tattoos have an aura of enigma surrounding them, which has even captivated Hollywood.
Choosing a tattoo wisely is important as the art is permanent and you don't want to be stuck with a design which you will regret for life. Once you have finalized the design make sure you choose a familiar artist. Also make sure that the tattoo parlor uses sterilized equipment. Also, choose a body part for the tattoo art.
When contemplating on tattoo ideas it is advisable that you consider a lot of designs before you choose. If possible, get a temporary tattoo and wear it for a few days to see how it looks and feels before you decide to get the real deal. Reading up on tattoo aftercare is also a good idea as you need to take steps to preserve the design.

Flower Designs

One of the popular designs for matching tattoos for sisters are flower prints. Hibiscus flower tattoos are one of the traditional Hawaiian tattoo designs popular among young maidens, because the hibiscus signifies purity.
In the Hindu culture, the lotus flower personifies prosperity and wisdom, making it a good tattoo design for sisters. Other popular flower designs that you could ink are the rose and lily flower designs.

Butterfly Designs

This delicate creature of nature looks great when inked on the body using colors like sea blue and watermelon red. Get the artist to make decorative designs for the butterfly's wings, and you could choose between a one winged or two wing butterfly design.

Cartoon Characters

Inking characters from your favorite cartoon show is one of the ideas which is gaining prominence. You could go in for the ever cute bugs bunny chewing on a carrot or have Garfield chilling, depends on your choice.
Engraving mickey mouse wearing sunglasses on the lower back region is something that you could consider. Other popular characters are 'Wednesday' from Addams family and Wonder Woman.

Lettering Styles

A famous quote from a poem inked on the arms is one of the best ideas, you can use different fonts to add an element of uniqueness to your design.
If you are the religious types you can get a verse from the bible engraved on your body. There are sisters who ink just one word which is important to them, for example, a word like 'forgiveness'.

Insect Designs

If you are looking for unique tattoos for sisters then go for insects designs like a bumble bee or a dragonfly. Sisters could also ink a mosquito playing a violin on their right arm which looks awesome. A multicolored beetle resting on a pollen is another interesting tattoo idea.
Other insects that you could incorporate in your tattoo designs are the caterpillar wearing a top hat, a grasshopper playing the mouth organ, a snail holding an umbrella, etc.
If you are up for it you can also get a venomous snake with a forked tongue and fangs hanging out. Other interesting identical tattoos that you could opt for are tribal designs and creatures from mythology, like a mermaid or dragon.