Fish Tattoo Designs

Considering getting a fish tattoo inked? Perhaps the following article can help you finalize a design and make it your own.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Meaning of Fish Tattoo
Fish have been looked upon as a symbol of water, mother, and Goddesses. They are associated with feminine power and reproductive power. In Celtic culture, fish are associated with female sexuality and birth. The water sign Pisces is depicted with two fish swimming in the opposite directions.

Different designs used to make tattoos have unique meanings associated with them. Koi fish designs are a symbol of courage and masculinity. God Ea is said to be an amalgamation of a fish and goat, and was said to be a God of wisdom, magic, and creativity. It later went on to become a symbol of Capricorn. For the aborigines and people from the coastal regions, fish was looked upon as bountiful source of food.
Fish Tattoo Designs
Koi fish designs are very popular and can be combined with splashing water, cherry blossoms, or even lotus. The general meaning associated with koi fish is that of good luck. This fish can be inked swimming upwards, which would stand for strength during trying times. It also means victory despite terrible adversity, in other words courageous triumph over a struggle. It is also looked upon as someone who is very independent.
Koi carp fish tattoo
Japanese Carp
The Pisces zodiac tattoo is very popular among those belonging to this sunsign or otherwise. People love to flaunt these and are a huge hit.
Fish Astrology Sign
Orange and gray carp tattoo
Apart from the koi fish, there are also other fish which are chosen to make a tattoo. Betta fish, also known as Siamese fighting fish, is also a favorite design. If you are aggressive and would like to depict it as well, then Betta fish is the right fish for you. There are various colors which can be used such as deep green, blue, red, turquoise, etc.
Pisces tattoo
Ornamental Frame With Fish
Shark tattoos are very popular, although there is a sense of negativity associated with them. They are looked upon as fierce predators. A shark can also be looked upon as a symbol of greed, danger, and deceit. On the other hand, there are people who look at sharks as a connection with the sea and also as a link to the values of their ancestors. Along with sharks, dolphin or tribal art designs are also popular in fish designs for a tattoo.
Shark And Dolphin Tribal
Tribal fish tattoo
These designs can be made on the feet, wrists, or shoulder blades. If you want to get a large tattoo, then the back is the right location for you. Women choose to get these tattoos made on their lower back as they look sensuous. Men like to ink these tattoos on the arms, chest, and back. It is always good to talk to the tattoo artist to get the perfect design for yourself. You can also get a temporary tattoo before you get the permanent one made, so that you do not have to go through the painful tattoo removal process.