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15 Mysteriously Awesome Owl Tattoo Designs You Gotta See

15 Awesome Owl Tattoo Designs
Owls are one of the most mystical creatures on the planet, often associated with wisdom, magic, secrets, and the underworld. There are many facets of this creature, each inspiring us humans in one way or the other, thus, making owl tattoos a popular trend. ThoughtfulTattoos gives you 15 awesome owl tattoo designs and the significance of this design.
Shalu Bhatti
Last Updated: Jun 7, 2017
Did You Know?
In Mexico, an ancient saying that is very much in use even today is Cuando el tecolote canta, el indio muere,which means, "When the owl cries/sings, the Indian dies." In many parts of the world, owls are considered to be a bad omen.
That is a scary symbolism indeed, isn't it? Then why would anyone opt for a tattoo that signifies doom? Well, this is just one of the many beliefs associated with our mystery bird. Their lifestyle, the way they are perceived by us humans, their nocturnal nature, and their being present at the most spookiest of all places, usually those that are abandoned for long, all these aspects do not give out a positive image of the bird.

Most tattoo lovers opt for designs containing elements that are positive, inspiring, and invigorating, and this bird relates to all these qualities and more! However, not all people get an owl tattoo just for the sake of symbolism; in fact, many are big fans of this magical bird. Speaking of magic, who can say the word and not remember our favorite wizard, Harry Potter and his pet bird, Hedwig? Most people get an owl inked along with magical elements like the broom, cloak, and Harry himself, depicting their avidness towards these characters. Likewise, if you are enthusiastic about the owl tattoo, the following section shows how beautifully this design can be modified with the fusion of creativity and colors.
15 Amazing Owl Tattoo Designs
Tattoos are a reflection of your individuality, beliefs, associations, and perhaps your quirkiness too! If you are hundred percent sure of it, go for it! The following designs will help you get started by stirring your creative juices, arousing your interest, and compelling you to not delay this decision any further.
The Owl of Wisdom
The wise owl tattoo
Owls have always been associated with wisdom,knowledge,and intelligence. In fact, the Greek goddess Athena, the deity of wisdom, is also symbolized by an owl. The popular design of an owl wearing a graduation cap along with a book goes very well with this symbolism.
The Status Symbol
Owl tattoo design
Owls have also been associated with wealth and often depicted as a status symbol. The Indian goddess of wealth and prosperity, Lakshmi, has an owl as her mount. Therefore, many people ink it as they believe this creature to be the harbinger of wealth and a prosperous life.
The Fortuneteller
Owl tattoo symbolizing foretelling
Ancient folkloric tales are filled with the owl's ability to predict the future, be it the death of a person, or the changes in the weather. In fact, according to legend Nayenezgani, a Navajo deity who was considered to be the creator, said to the owl when he created it, "... in days to come, men will listen to your voice to know what will be their future."
The Protector
Tribal owl feather tattoo
As mentioned earlier, the owl is symbolized as the guardian of the underworld; therefore, it provides protection of the dead. Also, The Pawnee considered the Owl to be the Chief of the Night and believed that it can give protection in the darkness of the night, because of its ability to see clearly through the darkness. It is usually worn on the shoulder.
The Freedom Lover
Owl sitting on a branch tattoo
Many birds portray this symbolism of freedom, and so does our owl. However, its freedom not only lies in its ability to be a free wanderer, but also a mysterious one! You can never know when an owl is around you because of its silent and swift movements. Likewise, you can never predict its nature because it is a free bird in the true sense of the word.
The Keeper of Secrets
Owl tattoo with colorful contours
The owl is known to have a mysterious connection with magic, underworld, and in-depth knowledge that is still a secret to the human world. Wizards and witches often keep this bird as pets to send secret messages, thus, giving it a name,The Messenger of Secrets!
Resident of the Magical World
Creepy yet cute owl tattoo
It is believed by many that owls are nothing else but wizards and witches in disguise, traveling from their world to ours, often to just observe the―if I may say referring to the Harry Potter Series―Muggles!
A Spiritual Mirror
Owl tattoo on chest
The most attractive feature in an owl is its eyes. Large and intense as if it sees not you, but something buried deep within you! With their association with the paranormal, it is believed that they have psychic awareness and can help you see your true self, thus, acting as spiritual mirrors in one's life.
The Stealth Fighter
Owl tattoo with arrow
Owls are powerful hunters. Their silence and stealth is what makes them so remarkable. They are most powerful and efficient during the dark, while others are at their most vulnerable self at the time. Thus, this tattoo symbolizes courage, strength, and power, along with a message that the best fights that are won are in the darkest of hours.
The Dreamcatcher
Owl tattoo design
Owls are often interpreted as dreamcatchers because of their supernatural image. In fact, in many Native American cultures, the design of an owl is fused with a dreamcatcher to reflect this belief. It is said that if the person is wise enough to take caution before it's too late, a lot can be saved from perishing.
A Geek's Pride
Geeky owl tattoo design
Coming out from all those mythical tales and beliefs, here is a fun meaning. Are you a geek? Someone who loves to read and crave for knowledge? Get a owl tattoo with the owl wearing some funky glasses to bring out your personality in the tattoo design.
The One With Nature
Colorful tattoo design
Owls are the perfect examples of beings that are one with nature. Their habitat, habits, the sounds that they make, resembling of trees, air, and wind, all these just show how remarkably they have bonded themselves with no one else except for nature. A tattoo design reflecting the same essence and feel would be great for those who relate with this idea.
The Timekeeper
Owl with clock tattoo
As mentioned earlier, in many parts of the world, owls are considered to be the harbingers of death and doom. Their occurrence has been interpreted by many as warnings regarding a forthcoming misfortune. Our 13th design is a unique and positive twist to this belief. For those who have seen doom, how they wish something had warned them beforehand so that they had that extra time to be prepared at their best. This design symbolizes that extra 13th hour, which reminds you to live and be prepared for whatever comes your way.
The Powerful One
Flying owl tattoo design
Owls are powerful birds, not only in reference to their magical and spiritual powers, but also their physical strength, and the tattoo of a flying owl depicts the same! An owl never misses its mark, its aim. It closely, silently, and cautiously watches till the time is right, and overcomes the meek. Power and strength are meanings of this design.
The Loner
Cute owl tattoo design
Have you ever seen an owl with others of its kind? Well, not usually! While once, being a loner was considered to be a negative trait, these days, this quality is appreciated by many. In fact, such people are considered to be wise, deep, intellectual, and great observers. A tattoo of a great way to portray this side of your personality.
The options of amazing owl tattoos are only limited to the point of your imagination. The scope of creativity and beauty that this theme has is shared by only a countable few. First of all, just determine what connects you with these creatures, and add a dash of your personality in the design to make it perfect for only one person―you!