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Torso Tattoos

Madhura Pandit Feb 6, 2019
One has a sea of designs to choose from when making a tattoo. Here are some ideas for making torso tattoos for men and women.
A tattoo speaks about a person's beliefs, thoughts, and views. Having a tattoo is considered as a fashionable thing today, and many people all around the world are seen sporting it.
However, there are some people who hesitate to have it made on their arms or neck as it may be looked down upon in the professional field. In that case, inscribing a tattoo on the torso can be considered.
Firstly, you can showcase or hide your tattoo according to your wish. Secondly, as the torso is one of the largest parts of the body, you can inscribe larger and decorative tattoos on it.

Tattoos for Girls

Flowers Tattoos

These are mostly loved by women for their delicate designs, colorful patterns, and a meaningful symbolism.
Some popular flower tattoos include rose (symbolizes love and romance), lotus (lucidity of mind), daisy (innocence), and lily (purity and radiance). Here, you have great scope for creativity as a simple flower can be drawn in different styles.

Vine Tattoos

These tattoos look simply beautiful when made along the rib cage. In ancient times, ivy crowns were worn by kings and emperors in the Roman culture during celebrations. 
Today, vine tattoos are sported solely for their beauty and grace. Ivy vine, cherry blossom, grape vine, and holly are some of the popular varieties.

Tattoos for Guys

Dragon Tattoos

In the east, a dragon stands for power, strength, and might, whereas in the west it is considered as evil. 
However, the dragon tattoo, with its large colorful designs, looks simply awesome on the torso. Chinese dragon and tribal dragon tattoos are very popular these days.

Koi Fish Tattoos

Koi fish is one such symbol that is associated with several meanings. It means wisdom, knowledge, ambitions, and loyalty. According to the Japanese culture, the Koi fish is a masculine figure, and hence, these tattoos are mostly made by men.
Apart from these, quotes and sayings, zodiac signs, snake, nautical star, Celtic, Chinese symbols, etc., are some other popular designs.
If you have decided to sport a tattoo, you can research to find the perfect design. It is also essential to have the design drawn or painted on a paper to check out exactly how it looks in actuality! If you still like it, you can go forward and have your favorite tattoo made by a certified professional artist.
Once you have made up your mind, choose any of these designs, and flaunt them next time you go to the beach. Good luck!