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Nautical Star Tattoos on the Foot

Mayuri Kulkarni Apr 17, 2019
If you are planning to get a tattoo on your foot, you need to get something feminine and delicate done. Nautical stars are meaningful and can be included artistically in small and delicate designs.

Quick Tip!

Once your tattoo has healed properly, protect it with a good SPF sunscreen, so that it does not fade and remains fresh for long.
The nautical star symbolizes strength, protection, good luck, ambition, and guidance.
The design of a nautical star developed from that of the North star, which guided sailors when they were out at sea. Hence, tattoo designs that include nautical stars are very special to mariners.
The nautical star is a trendy tattoo design, which is gaining popularity among men and women. These tattoos look beautiful in any size, hence, placing them on the feet, wrist, chest arms, hips, etc., is very convenient.
The best thing about the nautical stars is that they can be customized in any way you want. Here are references that you can keep in mind when you plan to get your tattoo done.
You have varied designs to choose from if you are planning to ink nautical stars on your feet. You can choose absolute feminine designs that have nautical stars with vines and flowers, or you can have delicate stand alone stars. Whatever your choice, your tattoo will stand out and look spectacular.
Many people choose stars with shells, birds, anchors, hearts, fire, water, rays, butterflies, music notes, etc. Nautical stars with a compass in the background are also very popular. Delicate shooting stars, in an array of colors, are sported by many men and women today. Stars with wings are also very popular.
Names can be inscribed around the star or on a banner running across it. Quotes and dates can also be added into the tattoo, making them unique and meaningful. When getting a nautical star inked on the foot, the placement is an important aspect that one must consider. Choose a location depending on the size of the star.
The colors you choose will vary according to your taste, as well as the design. The typical colors used are red, green, blue, and black, but you are free to use the shades of your choice. Pink, violet, purple, and orange are also gaining popularity as they make the tattoo look unique.

Points to Consider

★ Foot tattoos are painful as the skin on this part of the body is very thin and close to the bone.
★ These tattoos also require a great deal of aftercare.
★ Because of their position on the body, they may fade after a few years, thus, requiring a touch up.
★ Foot tattoos are susceptible to infection during healing, as they are exposed to water, sweat, dirt, and sunlight.
On the bright side, foot tattoos look very attractive and feminine. They can be concealed very well by wearing socks, boots, or other fully covered shoes. One should always discuss the design thoroughly with the tattoo artist.
Another thing to keep in mind is to follow the instructions provided by the artist, as this will make sure that the tattoo heals properly and stays fresh for a long time.