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Full Back Tattoos

Mayuri Kulkarni Nov 20, 2018
Tattoos covering the entire back are becoming popular these days due to their flexibility and versatility. Here are some design suggestions for full back tattoos.
Almost every second person you meet these days has got a body art on his/her body. The craze of inking is increasing day by day and so is the number of ink lovers all around the world. Tattoos have become fashion and style statements, and people are increasingly ready to bear the pain to get a wonderful body art.
Having a body art is not an easy job in any manner. It is quite a long process that starts with finding the right artist, selecting the design and its placement, and finally, getting the inking done with all the pain. As their name suggests, these are tattoos that cover the entire back of your body.

Choosing a Full Back Tattoo

Body art can be shown off or it can be hidden with clothes and accessories. So, one should first decide whether he/she wants to go for a hidden body art or one that can be seen easily before getting one. Moreover, one should also remember that there are certain employers who do not hire professionals with visible body art on their bodies.
You will surely not like it if your body art becomes a hindrance in your career. A design covering the entire back can be a good option for those who want to keep it personal without posing any harm to their career. These can be easily hidden with clothes and shown only when you wish.
Since the back is a very large area, you can go for a nice single large design or one with various designs. Also, note that since the design is very large in area, you may require to attend more than two sessions to complete the art work.
More is the time required for tattooing, more is the pain associated with it. But if you have finally made up your mind for getting your entire back inked, here are some designs to choose from.


  • Cherry Blossom Tree:
    These designs with their feminine touch make great back body art for girls. Cherry blossom tree tattoos have beautiful pink-colored flowers, that can be carved along with branches or birds.
Cherry blossoms can be carved in various artistic manners to cover the entire back area. These tattoos have great symbolic meanings, and the tree basically stands for grace and femininity. as per the Japanese culture, cherry blossom trees symbolize transience of life. So, if you are impressed by the meaning and design of this body art, surely go for it.
  • Dragon:
    Dragons are known for their elegant and unique designs, and are perfect for a full back body art since they are large. You can have a Japanese or a Chinese dragon tattoo on your back. Each of the dragon that belongs to either of the categories has typical meanings and features.
Some dragons have wings, while some do not. Some have snake-like scales, while some have a lizard-like body. So, choose the one whose design has appealed to you the most.
  • Tribal:
    Tribal body art can be sculpted on any part of the body, and you can opt for a large design for covering the entire back. These designs have typical dark lines with toothed edges. They do not represent any living or non-living thing, and the design is mere a piece of art.
Tribal tattoo designs are usually symmetric in nature, with aggressive lines in the design. Dark colors, like blue and black, are generally used for this body art.
Angels, Celtic designs, animals, birds, etc., are some more design options. You can also get a customized design if you want to. Remember that tattoos covering the entire back require an expert at inking and hence, make sure you have approached the right artist.