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Finger Tattoos for Girls

Finger Tattoos for Girls
Finger tattoos have been gaining a lot of popularity among people these days, especially those who like it to be 'short and sweet'. Speaking of sweet, this article discusses some sweet and bold ideas for finger tattoos on girls and how it can prove to be an add-on to the 'girl power'!
Shalu Bhatti
Now we are talking about three things here, Fingers, Tattoos and Girls... isn't the combination completely swold! Now you must be wondering what is 'swold'... ahem ahem... that's the new term that just hit my mind when I thought of these three combinations. It is a combination of sweet and bold. Sweet for our nature and the tattoo design, and bold for the fact that we have the guts to get it inked on our fingers as a permanent display to the world as to what we are and what we believe in! Your fingers represent the ability to point out your opinion and individuality, and with us girls always being accused of talking more and 'not talking to the point', well, a tattoo on the fingers can actually show out the world our individuality and persona in a short and sweet way, don't you think? Another point to be noted is that a finger tattoo is easily visible to you (and others), and can actually keep you reminded of your purpose behind the tattoo all the time. However, this also leads to a drawback of the tattoo fading away way too easily. But the fading can be minimized to some extent by effective aftercare as instructed by the tattoo artist. So, if you are adamant to get your finger inked irrespective of whatever, then keep reading to get some unique finger tattoo ideas for all you girls out there.

Finger Tattoo Ideas for Girls

When it comes to deciding what you want to ink on your fingers, there are a few points that you should consider. Firstly, it is going to be there forever on your finger, so make sure that you choose something that connects to you in a deeper way. Secondly, because you are inking your finger, the design should be very precise, as I mentioned earlier, 'short and sweet'. Also, avoid choosing complicated designs as finger tattoos tend to fade quite quickly, considering that the space that you have is also limited, avoid a lot of detailing as it may give your tattoo a shabby look. So, keeping all these points in mind, I bring forth some 'swold' finger tattoo designs for you girls.

Finger 'Word' Tattoos
Taking celebrities like Rihanna and Lily Allen as examples, I dedicate the first section to word tattoos. Personally, I think that they look really classy because of their simplicity to understand and the impact that they have on those who see them. Rihanna has the words 'love' on her middle finger and 'shhh...' on her index finger. I think it's a pretty cool idea 'coz every time you need someone to shut up, all you have to do is show them the finger! You can also ink your favorite quote or something that reminds you always want to be reminded of. An example for the same would be, 'You're not alone', 'Love Never Fails', 'God is with you', and so on. Another interesting idea would be to ink the words 'Read Between the Lines' in your middle finger. Now this can be a rather bold tattoo... if you know what I mean!!

Another popular trend among the word tattoos is to ink the initials of someone really close to you, say your best friend, partner, or your relatives. Speaking of finger tattoos for your partner, most people tend to ink their ring finger with the initial and date when they started dating or when they got married.

Finger 'Love' Tattoos
Love is the most important thing in the world. We all need love, we all give love, each and every relationship is based on love, so why not symbolize it on yourself and remind yourself how important it is, especially when the world today is questioning its existence. You can choose from a variety of symbols like a heart, a rose, a Claddagh ring, a shell (which symbolizes the protective aspect of love), a triangle (which in ancient Egypt was a symbol of one's capacity of love), or a maple leaf, which is a symbolic representation of lovers in China and Japan. If you have a personal term or design that symbolizes love to you in your own way, then don't wait to paint it on your body and make it a masterpiece.

Finger 'Symbol' Tattoos
Inking symbols has been a practice since the ancient times, even before the 'civilized' section of the society became enthusiastic about getting themselves inked. These symbols were inked because they were believed to be a symbolic representation of elements that brought luck or power to protect oneself from the threatening forces around. Does this remind you of a symbol that you think is significant to you in your life, be it in terms of luck, power, or belief. Some popular finger tattoo designs in this section are - the star which symbolizes perfection and good fortune, the three keys (representing wealth, health and love), a shamrock clover with four leaves (representing love, health, wealth and fame), or a religious symbol like the cross or the 'aum'.

When it comes to getting a finger tattoo, you really needn't follow the crowd. I know how it feels so uncomfortable when we see someone else wearing the same thing as us, right? So, I say it's always safe to choose a design which personally connects with you from deep within. This will give it a sense of uniqueness and will make you standout from the crowd. People will actually admire your tattoo, and most importantly, the creative and innovative you. All the best!
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