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Egyptian Tattoo Designs

Madhura Pandit Apr 19, 2019
Egyptian tattoos comprise symbols from the fascinating culture and history of ancient Egypt. Let's see an information on different types of Egyptian designs and meanings.
Ancient Egypt was known to be one of the most advanced and developed civilizations in the world. The Egyptians had made remarkable progress in the fields of art, literature, etc. Researches and discoveries also show that the art of tattoo making was known to the Egyptians, and was also one of the common practices adopted by them.
The history and culture of the ancient Egyptians is mystifying and still captivates people all over the world. Therefore, several symbols and designs that belong particularly to the ancient Egyptian culture are used as tattoo symbols today.

Egyptian Tattoos and Meanings

The Egyptians used hieroglyphs or a writing system that was based on symbols and pictures. These ancient Egyptian symbols are used as tattoo designs today.

Eye of Horus

The 'Ankh' or the eye is a widely identified and used symbol of Egyptian culture. In the ancient times, it represented life and hence, was one of the most respected symbols. Among the different designs of the Ankh, the eye of the Horus is more popular as it stands for good luck.
The eye of Horus, also known as the eye of the Ra, is believed to be the all-seeing eye, that was also used in amulets worn by the ancient Egyptians. The Egyptian cross or the Ankh also stands for rebirth or reincarnation. The Egyptian eye tattoo represents light, power and royalty and hence, is a favorite tattoo symbol.


The Scarab or the sacred beetle was a symbol of rebirth or genesis in the ancient Egyptian culture. It was considered as one of the many royal titles used by the Pharaohs.
It was also found to be used by Tutankhamen, the most famous Egyptian Pharaohs. The scarab mixed with the Ankh or the Egyptian cross makes one of the most captivating tattoos designs.

Kings and Queens

There are a few notable kings, queens belonging to the ancient Egyptian era that are popular even today. Sport these Pharaohs if you want a larger tattoo.
Tutankhamen, Nefertiti, Ramses II and Cleopatra are some of the significant rulers of ancient Egypt that are popular even today. However, one should note that the tattoo artist needs to be extremely skillful in order to draw these complex pictures.


The Serket was an Egyptian goddess that protected the coffins. She is represented in a female figure with a scorpion on her head. The Egyptians believed that the scorpions symbolized healing from scorpion stings.
The Egyptians used this symbol to protect themselves from scorpion stings, and bites by other insects. The serket is one of the unique Egyptian tattoo symbols today, and you can proudly sport this tattoo without fearing it to be repeated.
Apart from those mentioned, cobra, cat, Anubis, the sphinx, djeds, and phoenix are the other popular Egyptian tattoo designs that can be used. Before inscribing a permanent tattoo, it is advised to have a rough drawing made on paper. Lastly, it is recommended to have a tattoo made only from a certified tattoo artist. Good luck!