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Calligraphy Tattoos

Stephen Rampur Nov 18, 2018
Typically, calligraphy tattoos include the use of words in different languages in a particular style of writing. Read this to know more about such tattoo designs.
Tattoos are probably the best forms of self-expression for displaying your way of thinking and your personality. If you happen to take a look at your nearby body art stores, you will observe that there are hundreds of different kinds of tattoo designs and patterns. You would see the customized ones and those that are made exclusively for girls and boys.
However, at present, there are special designs that are growing in popularity. These are calligraphy tattoos, which are becoming increasingly popular mostly among teenagers and youngsters.
The word "calligraphy" has evolved from two words, the first being "kallos" which means beauty and the second "graphe" that means writing. This form of writing has been used since several decades, with the first ones being just capital letters.
But, in today's fashionable world, this art has turned into a way of displaying emotions and direct messages. Nowadays, there are many different types of tattoo styles and patterns that have been developed for fashion purposes.
These can be worn on almost any part of the body. They are mostly made on the back of the neck, arms, forearms, stomach or chest etc. These are just words tattooed on the body. Whichever script you choose, just make sure that you know its meaning. It should not happen that you are wearing a Chinese calligraphy tattoo, without knowing what it exactly means.

Trending Designs

Most prominent script used in making tattoos is cursive writing, also known as grass writing. The designs look elegant with the graceful slanting and free-flowing patterns. Letters at times are so intricately woven that the observers may take a while to know what is actually written. Cursive or running calligraphy script is mostly used for English letters.
You also have the option of making them with Chinese writing and words. These can later be chosen for different other fonts. Another good style is Arabic; Islamic patterns are getting more popular these days, with scriptures from the Quran.
Good tattoo options can even be words in Hindi or Sanskrit. A good Bible verse can be a good choice to show your spiritual side to the people. Similarly, you can use any kind of words or sentences you want in making a personalized one for yourself.
Calligraphy tattoos can be sported individually or with other ones, as well. This means that you can choose to have a dragon done, explaining its message in the appropriate script. Coming to the color, these are usually made using the conventional black or green color. However, some tattoo enthusiasts may even opt for wearing the one with different colors.
If you want to check which font and pattern would look good on you, there are some websites on the Internet, which allow you to make tattoos and view them in any pattern and font you like. You can even go to your nearest body art shop and check out the designs available there.