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Butterfly Tattoos on Back

Mamta Mule Feb 8, 2019
One of the most adored options for a tattoo design is the butterfly. It looks very modish and is extremely popular amongst women of every age.
The art of decorating the skin with ink, dates back to thousands of years. The word 'tattoo' originates from the Polynesian word 'ta', which means 'to strike something', and the Tahitian word 'tatau', which means 'to mark something'.
Getting a butterfly tattoo inked on the back is a popular trend among women. These are bound to look cute and are known to be one of the most feminine of options.
They have always been used in various female accessories like hair clips, bags, outfits, jewelry, etc. They are especially known for their colors and designs. These unique features of a butterfly make it a hit in the tattoo world.

Best Colors

Just see to it that the color combination used is complementary to the design and color of your skin. A bad color combination can make your tattoo look weird. Single-colored designs on the back with a black outline, look simply amazing.

The Perfect Location

They look equally cool on your upper and lower back, or any other spot on your back. You can place them on one side of your upper back.
You can also have a large butterfly placed in the middle of your back, spread across the shoulders, and further extended to your arms. They can even be placed on either side of your back You can also have the same design inked on another part of your body to create a classic pair.

Unique Designs

These designs are so versatile that you can have many variations of it in a single piece. A single butterfly with both its wings visible is common, so you can go instead for a butterfly with only one wing visible.
A design of a fairy and a butterfly together would also look lovely. You can have this design combined with others like vines or stars.

Appropriate Size

The size is a matter of choice. If it is part of other designs, decide it to maintain visual balance. If the butterfly is the main element, have them larger in size than other elements.
You might be eager to have a butterfly inked on your back. Just choose the design, colors, and placement correctly, before going for it. Don't forget to follow tattoo aftercare instructions, so as to maintain the beauty of this art piece on your body.