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Small Butterfly Tattoos

Madhura Pandit Sep 29, 2018
A butterfly tattoo is delicate and graceful. Being one of the most meaningful and beautiful tattoos today, it is highly favored by women. Here is a detailed information on the tattoo meaning, along with pictures.
Did you know that meanings of butterflies are found in the Chinese, Mayan, Greek, European, Asian, and many other cultures?
A butterfly tattoo is very versatile. It can be made in any color, shape, or pattern. It can be inspired from real-life butterfly patterns, or can even made in the abstract art.
This feminine tattoo is perfect for first timers. It is noncontroversial and can be made on any part of the body. Tattooing a small butterfly behind the ear is the latest trend these days.

Tattoo Pictures

Take a look at the tattoo pictures given here. They prove why a butterfly is one of the most loved tattoo designs today. You can copy the image as it is, show it to your tattoo artist, and have a tattoo made. These colorful butterflies will surely impress you and the onlookers.

Design Ideas

As mentioned, one of the many advantages of sporting a butterfly tattoo is that it is colorful and eye-catching. Apart from the usual colorful ones, you can consider tribal or Celtic designs as they are unique, intricate, and attractive.
Butterfly tattoos can be personalized with your name and initials. Inscribing your beloved's name on the butterfly's wings is also a common design. Secondly, you can add in other designs like a flower or vine in case you want an elaborate tattoo. Sometimes, offbeat designs like the skull are drawn along with butterflies to create an unusual tattoo.

Butterfly Tattoo Symbolism


This tattoo is favored for its beauty and attractiveness. Women usually prefer small butterfly tattoos for their prettiness and grace.


A butterfly stands for metamorphosis or change. The life of the butterfly begins as a caterpillar and undergoes lots of changes. It, then, transforms into a beautiful butterfly.
Therefore, a butterfly is a symbol of transformation. People who have recently undergone a major change in their life or wish to transform their personalities usually sport this tattoo.


In the Chinese culture, two intertwined butterflies represent love and commitment. A butterfly tattoo on the chest or near the heart also represents love and passion.

Journey of the Soul

In the Greek culture, a butterfly symbolizes the journey of a soul to heaven. Greeks believe that when a person dies, his soul is taken to the heaven by a butterfly. Even the Mayans believed that butterflies carried the souls of dead warriors.


A butterfly is a symbol of joy in the Japanese culture. There is no doubt that the butterfly, with its rainbow of colors, is a positive tattoo design.


Butterflies also signify freedom. As the butterfly glides freely, it is a symbol of liberation and emancipation.
These tattoos are simply graceful when made with finesse. Therefore, it is advisable to have a tattoo made by a skilled and certified tattoo artist. Set your imagination free as there are nearly infinite patterns possible with this tattoo design.