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Black and White Tattoos

Mayuri Kulkarni Feb 8, 2019
Black and white tattoos make some of the most unique tattoo ideas. Here are some design suggestions for the same.
Using black and white colors for your tattoo makes it very unique and beautiful. Black and white tattoos have plenty of advantages, which also includes a reasonable price. Therefore, when you do not want to spend lot of money but want to get a cool tattoo, then these are the ones that you can opt for.
Moreover, they fade less as compared to color tattoos. Thus, you may not require to retouch the tattoo again and again. They require very less time for carving and also cause less pain.

Some Designs

Yin Yang Tattoos

Yin-Yang is a circular Chinese symbol filled with black and white color symmetrically. Black portion represents "yin" while the white part is for "yang".
These tattoos have deep symbolism and represent the theory of "opposites attract each other". They also stand for famous Chinese philosophy of "duality of Universe". The dark half and light half of the symbol fit as puzzle pieces and each half has a drop of other's color in it. They make some of the great black and white ink tattoos with such deep symbolism.
While tattooing, you can make certain changes with the traditional symbol of Yin-Yang. You can get flames around the circular circumference of the Yin-Yang symbol to give it a sun-like appearance. Two dragons or two tigers, facing each other and making a circular shape is one of the popular variation of Yin-Yang tattoos. 
So, there are a number of possible designs that can be made with Yin-Yang tattoos and you can get the one that has appealed you the most.

Zodiac Tattoos

If you are a strong believer of astrology, then you should surely go for zodiac tattoos. These can be carved artistically by using black and white colors.
All you need to do is find out your zodiac sign and get the symbol of your zodiac sign. Each of the zodiac signs has distinct personality traits and is symbolized either by an animal or some object.
There are different ways to represent these zodiac symbols. For example, the zodiac sign Aquarius can be represented by a pot bearer, a pot with water, or just some water waves. You can also get carved your birth-date below the zodiac tattoo.
If you want a combination of tribal and zodiac tattoos, then you can get a tribal zodiac tattoo. Zodiac tattoos make some of the best black and white tattoos for women and men.

Celtic Tattoos

These are known for their running unending knot designs. 
There are innumerable design options in Celtic tattoos. These are usually sculpted with black and white colors. Celtic butterfly, Celtic cross, Celtic knots, etc., are some of them. 
There are different types of knots that can be used in a Celtic tattoo. Each of these knot patterns has a unique meaning. Eternity knot, trinity knot, dara Celtic knot, are some of the types of knots used for Cetic tattoos.

Other Black and White Art Tattoos

  • Chinese symbol tattoos
  • Bird tattoos
  • Koi fish tattoos
  • Tribal tattoos
  • Name tattoos
  • Chinese dragon tattoos
  • Sun tattoos
  • Tiger tattoos
Placing these tattoos is not an issue and you can get them on any part of your body. One more advantage of black and white tattoos is that, you can always fill the tattoo with other colors in future. That is, if you want some change in your black and white tattoo, you can always add your favorite colors to it.