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Beautiful Word Tattoos

Bhakti Satalkar Sep 29, 2018
Quotes or words have become the latest trend in the world of tattoos. There are different styles that can be used to make them look unique. Here is some information on the same.
Tattoos have come to be thought of as a form of self-expression. It can also be looked at as an artistic way to memorialize a happening, an event, or something or someone special to a person.
However, now there is a shift from the normally used pictorial tattoos to the lettering ones. In the lettering ones, there are quote and word tattoos. When a person opts for a tattoo with wordings, it can either be a single word, a couple of words, or they can also be entire quotes.
However, tattoo lettering has certain limitations. The words or quotes that one opts for should not be very long, unless one chooses to make them on huge expanse of skin, like the forearm, back, etc.
Furthermore, tattoo lettering script has an important role to play, when one decides to get a word tattoo. If one chooses a small font then chances are high that the tattoo would become invisible faster. Hence, the font should be such that it is visible even after some time has passed by.

Designs Involving Words

Words alone may not make for an interesting design. Some floral or any other art can be added to the tattooed word to make it look attractive. There are different fonts available which can be used to ink words on the person.
There are tribal lettering fonts that use bold black letters, as well as calligraphy fonts that make for artsy tattoo designs. If one is fond of foreign languages, one may want to consider Arabic lettering.
The beauty of this script is that it is written from right to left, unlike the usual left to right. It will also lend mystery to one's tattoo design. Kanji tattoo fonts are another option which one may want to consider. However, make sure that one has the right translation when opting for a tattoo in a foreign language.

Single-Word Tattoos

These are simple tattoos which bear a special meaning to the person who opts to get them done. They often express some ideal, trait, or belief, etc. The most common words used are love, courage, beauty, etc. First or last names of celebrities are also used.
Quite often, one would come across sports aficionados who sport the name of their favorite sports person. Names of people close to one can also be used like 'mom', 'dad', etc. There are people who have got the names of their pets tattooed. An advantage of a one-word tattoo is that it can be concealed easily.

Two-Word Tattoos

There are a lot of powerful short motivational quotes which can also be used to make tattoos. These phrases can either be two or three words phrases.
Often one word is a verb and the other is a noun. Some of the commonly used quotes that are made up of just two words include, 'Dream Big', 'Do It', 'Fight Back', 'Know Thyself', 'Let Go', 'Discover Me', 'Love Rocks', etc.

Inspirational Words as Tattoos

Most of the time, a number of inspirational words are used. They can be words in Latin, English, Italian, Spanish, or any other foreign language.
It is a very personal choice for a person who wishes to get such a tattoo. The inspirational words can also be religious in nature.
One can use different lettering styles for a unique and attractive look. At the same time, one can decorate it with different designs of his/her choice.
One can also use tribal, Celtic, or Aztec designs to make tattoos. To give it a feminine look, floral designs are recommended. Skull and crossbones can also be used around tattooed words.