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Lip Rings

Smita Pandit Apr 23, 2019
Those who get their lips pierced often use barbells, labret studs, or a captive bead ring as a lip piercing jewelry. This story provides information on some of the different types of lip rings,
Body piercing is not a recent fashion trend. This practice has been around for ages. People belonging to ancient tribes got their ears, nose, lips, and other body parts pierced and donned jewelry. These days, many youngsters can be seen flaunting lip piercings. The market is flooded with all types of jewelry.
The circular barbells, captive bead rings, and the ball closure rings certainly look very sensuous when worn near the edges of the lips.
You could also combine these rings with labret, lowbret, Madonna, or Medusa style of upper lip piercing to make a style statement.


If you head out to the market, you will see different types of body piercing and non-piercing jewelry. Out of the different types of jewelry, captive bead rings are definitely in great demand. If you have made a firm decision about getting a lip piercing, you can check out barbells and lip rings.
Manufacturers have come up with innovative and stylish designs and you can select a design that would look good on you. There is a great variety to choose from. These rings come in many sizes, colors, and materials.
A 16 gauge ring is considered to be a standard or normal-sized lip ring. If the standard ring is not a good fit, you don't need to worry, the size range from 14 to 20 gauge is available. You could try the captive bead rings, ball closure rings, or seamless rings.
 In case of the captive bead rings, the bead is dimpled and the ends of the ring snap into the dimpled bead.
 In case of the ball closure rings, instead of dimpled beads, the slightly curved ends of the shaft clasp around the bead.
 Seamless rings are continuous rings and don't contain any beads. These can simply be rolled around the piercing hole.
Those who don't wish to go for actual lip piercing can check out the lip clips and fake lip piercings. You can also decide whether you want to wear rings made out of gold, silver, stainless steel, or titanium.


Several designs are available in the market. You could try out different colors. Some people prefer the rings which have gemstones attached to them. There are many attractive, attention-grabbing designs available in the market. The ball closure rings come in many designs. 
You can try the blue-colored titanium ball closure rings, titanium bar closure rings, or ball closure rings with hematite ball. Cobra coil rings, blackline smooth segment rings, and surgical steel bar closure rings also look cool. Ornamental rings which have small objects strung from the ball or the bar also look good.

Lip Piercing Aftercare

Though you might be able to make a fashion statement by wearing a lip ring, it is also essential that you take proper care to avoid an infection. You must always remember to get the piercing done from a professional. The piercing generally takes about 6-10 weeks to heal.
If you are planning to change the ring, you must wait till the piercing has completely healed. Piercing aftercare is a very important aspect that shouldn't be ignored. You must resist the temptation of fiddling with the jewelry. Refrain from smoking or drinking for at least 15 days after getting the ring inserted.
Keep the jewelry clean. Take 500 ml water and bring it to a boil, add a teaspoon of salt to it and stir till the salt gets completely dissolved. Once the water cools down, take a clean cotton bud and dip it in the salt water and clean the ring with it.
If you are planning to get your lip pierced, go to a professional piercing studio. Though you can certainly make a fashion statement with your piercing, take all the necessary precautions so that the piercing doesn't get infected. An infected piercing is certainly not a good sight.