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Hand Tattoos

Right from the sun, moon to dragon and Celtic symbols, many designs can be used for making tattoos on hand. Here are some suggestions for hand tattoo designs for men and women.
Madhura Pandit Nov 18, 2018
Tattoos are meant to showcase art and creativity. Most of the tattoo designs symbolize certain meanings or philosophy, and hence, are made by people. A tattoo can be made on any part of the body depending on the wearer's choice. If you are a first timer and wish to get a tattoo done, you can go for the hand tattoos as they can be easily viewed by people.

Hand Tattoo Designs

On the brighter side, one may be happy to know that nearly all the tattoo designs look cool on hand. However, before inscribing a tattoo on hand, one should take into consideration one's career or job profile as tattoos are not happily accepted in the corporate world and can be looked down upon. If you are okay with it, then you can go forth with it.

Finger Tattoos

One of the many advantages of finger tattoos is that they are smaller in size and hence, not easily noticeable. Although there is lack of space on the finger, there are several options of designs available.
One of the most popular finger tattoos is the wedding ring or wedding band tattoo. You can have a design similar to that of the wedding ring or write the name of your beloved around your ring finger. Either way, it simply looks classy and also portrays your love for your beloved. Secondly, one's own name can be inscribed on the fingers as a tattoo design.

Wrist Tattoos

For a tattoo on the wrist, try bracelet tattoos of flowers or vines in circular manner. Secondly, the star or butterfly tattoos represent several meanings and symbolism and hence, are very popular among women.

Forearm Tattoos

The cross and the heart are the most popular forearm tattoos. Along with the cross, you can also make other religious symbols like the crescent, the Egyptian cross, the Celtic knot, etc.
Heart tattoo is the universal symbol of love. There are different designs and ideas of the heart and the cross available today. You can even go for the Celtic as well as the tribal designs for these symbols.

Upper Arm Tattoos

Dragon, a popular design for upper arm tattoos symbolizes power, might, etc. Military, biker designs or portrait of a celebrity, sportsmen, idol, zodiac sign etc., look cool as tattoos on the upper arm.
Lastly, you can even come up with your own designs or ideas. Remember, after all, a tattoo is all about creativity and self-expression. Good luck!