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7 Uber-cool Tricep Tattoo Designs for Guys to Try Out

7 Cool Tricep Tattoo Designs for Guys
Tattoos can be made on any part of the body. If you are looking for the latest trend, go for tricep tattoos. Here are some of the most meaningful tattoo ideas and designs that can be made on triceps.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
Did You Know?
Skin on all parts of the body is not same. Tattoos on certain parts do not take ink or tend to fade or disappear faster. Tattoos on hands and feet tend to fade the quickest. It is advisable to check with the artist about the tattoo placement before spending money.
Nearly all tattoo designs (except the abstract ones) have deep symbolic meanings. While making a tattoo, usually a person goes for the design having meanings he can relate to. Secondly, tattoos are also made as dedication or in the memory of a loved one. Whatever the reasons, tattooing is a very popular form of art today. A tattoo can be made on different parts of the body; however, triceps tattoos are a newer concept today.
Ideas to Make Tattoos on Triceps
Following are some of the most popular designs that can be used for making triceps tattoos for men as well as women.
Skull Tattoo
Skull tattoo on tricep
A skull tattoo can mean different things, both positive as well as negative. It depends on the way the tattoo is depicted. A simple skull tattoo can mean adventure, power, intimidation, etc. On the other hand, if drawn along with other symbols like bones, dagger, snake, etc., it can mean dark forces or even death. These tattoos can be made in different styles like the Gothic skull, grim reaper tattoo, skull with bones, skull and star, etc.
Bird/Animal Tattoo
Muscular man with tattoo
Birds or animals are unusual but meaningful tattoo designs. Some of the coolest tricep tattoos for guys are lion (symbolizing power, strength), wolf (protection, danger), tiger (passion, fierceness), eagle (power, freedom), falcon (nobility, strength), dove (peace), scorpion (danger, passion), and so on. Look for a design that complements your personality and thoughts.
Flame Tattoo
Flame tricep tattoo
Fire is a symbol of passion, which is also one of the reasons why this tattoo is very popular. A fire or a flame tattoo is another design that has both positive as well as negative connotations. It can mean power, strength, giver of life, energy, etc. On the other hand, it also has an ability to destroy, hence, can mean danger. Flame or fire, combined with a heart, can make a cool tricep tattoo design.
Vine Tattoo
If you are looking for a delicate feminine tattoo, you can go for the vine tattoo. A floral design may not be very meaningful but is definitely beautiful and appealing. Since ancient times, vines were considered symbolic as they were used to make wreaths and crowns (in the Roman culture). Today a vine tattoo represents beauty, growth, love, fertility, etc.
Zodiac Tattoo
Virgo sign tattoo
If you believe in astrology, you can use your zodiac sign as your tattoo design. Zodiac signs are meaningful, can be made artistically, and are timeless. Every zodiac sign has its own symbol which can be used as a tattoo design. Similarly, a zodiac sign also has a glyph that can be incorporated in a tattoo.
Cross Tattoo
The cross is a religious symbol of Christianity, and hence, one of the most favored tattoo designs in the world. The cross stands for religion, spirituality, faith, etc. Along with the cross, a rosary, Bible verse, etc., can also be tattooed. Apart from the Christian cross, you can go for other types of the cross like the Egyptian cross, the Aztec cross, the Gothic cross, etc.
Text/Verse Tattoo
Peace tattoo
Inscribing plain text, words, or verses is a popular tattoo idea. You can have your name, initials, your beloved's name, popular and short quotes, verses, etc., inscribed on your arms. Secondly, you can use different scripts like the Kanji, Chinese, Devanagari, etc., and tattoo texts in attractive fonts and styles.
These were only a few ideas. When it comes to tattoos, you will find a wide variety of choices. Make sure you check the meaning of the tattoo and have the tattoo made by a certified professional artist.
Bear head tattoo
Muscular man with tattoo
Bear Head Logo Tattoo
Chinese zodiac