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Helpful Tips for Ear Gauging

Mamta Mule Apr 17, 2019
Here are some tips and important information on ear gauging. Before you step in to a body piercing salon, make sure that you are aware of its basics, its pros and cons, and to-dos and dont's.
Ear gauging is a popular fashion trend, where piercing done is larger than the usual ear piercing. For this, ear lobe piercing is stretched beyond the regular limit using various tools and jewelry.
While regular body piercings are done, the holes are hardly visible after removal of piercing jewelry, but after ear gauging, the hole being larger is easily visible. Ear gauge is among the trends that have been followed since centuries, especially by Asian, African and South American tribes.
Getting any body part pierced is a fashion today. But, planning to get any other body piercing is not a tough decision as compared to getting your ear gauged. Yes, knowing the procedure and basics before you opt for it is much essential. While you opt for ear gauge, you must first be comfortable to wear that highly prominent stretched ear.
Moreover, this might not be acceptable in some workplaces which is an important thing to consider. No matter, if you have decided to get your gauged ears, or still confused, the ear gauging tips given ahead are a must-read.

The Basics

If you are wondering, "how can one get such a big hole at one go", ear gauging is a gradual process. The ear lobe piercing is slowly stretched to accommodate larger and even larger jewelry pieces. While the final size depends on your choice, the time required to get your ear hole stretched to this size will depend on your skin.
One important tip is to understand the gauge sizes. Basically larger the number, smaller the size of hole it will create. Similarly, smaller the gauge number, larger is the size of hole that it can form.
20 is the starting size of ear gauge, which is used for regular ear lobe piercing. As the diameter increases, number of ear gauge decreases (20, 18, 16,...14...so on). The ear lobe tissues are much stretchable and the piercings done under an inch can go back to normal size over time, if the jewelry is removed and the hole is kept empty.

The Procedure

Well, here are the details of getting your ears gauged. Firstly, you need to find a reputed body piercing salon with experienced piercing professionals. Well, there are two options and choosing one of these depends on your requirements.
You can go for one, starting with a larger size. This will remove a larger piece of your skin. This means skipping the first few sizes. In case you want to have ear gauge of larger size, faster, then this is a good alternative. Remember, this can be very painful than the next option.
Next option is to go by the regular process and gradually increase the size of ear hole. This means starting with smaller size and slowly get a larger gauge. Start with gauge 16 in this case, because there is no use of starting with a gauge as small as 20. Also, do not skip the gauge sizes as you reach size 10.

Piercing Jewelry

Choosing the right jewelry is an important part of this process. Usually your piercing professional will recommend you glass and organics. Organics made of natural materials are known to have healing properties, hence perfect pick for gauged ears.
Taper rings are also a good option. Small piercing can be graced by captive rings, ear gauge plugs and taper rings are perfect picks for medium holes. As the hole becomes larger, tunnels can be the ideal choice.
You can consult the piercing professions and know about the best metal or material of jewelry for ear gauges.
Following the aftercare as mentioned by the piercing professional must essentially be followed. It will help avoid infection and accelerate the healing process. So are you getting your ears gauged?