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Wrist Tattoo Ideas

Wrist Tattoo Ideas
Getting a tattoo on your wrist area is an amazing option for all tattoo aficionados. Unlike other parts of the body, the wrist is fairly visible, which also means that it is the best place to get yourself inked. Find some spectacular tattoo ideas in this ThoughtfulTattoos article.
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Tattoo on wrist
Having a tattoo is the latest fashion statement! With so many design and placement options, tattoos will never disappoint you. You have an ocean of tattoo designs in front of you, and you can pick up your most favorite one. A tattoo can be carved in a large size to show off, or it can sculpted into a small size to hide. If you want to have a small tattoo that cannot be seen easily, then a wrist tattoo is the best choice for you.
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Tattoos carved on the wrist are usually symbolic tattoos that come in different shapes and sizes. Though the wrist is a small body part, a tattoo on it looks simple yet elegant. So, are you thinking of getting a wrist tattoo and are looking for some cool tattoo ideas? Then here are some ideas and suggestions.
Wrist Tattoo Design Ideas
Woman with wrist tattoos
Wrist tattoos can be carved either on the inner side or outer side of the wrist. But usually tattoo lovers get them on the inner side. Tattoos carved on inner side of wrist are quite painful, because of the sensitive skin and less fat muscles over the wrist area. Moreover, since wrist is a high movement area, the wrist tattoo may take longer time to heal. Before going for this tattoo, make a note that many of the employers do not hire employees with visible tattoos. Though you can hide the wrist tattoo with full sleeves outfit, there are chances that the tattoo becomes visible. Here are some tattoo ideas for the wrist.
Heart Tattoos
Heart tattoos
A heart tattoo is a nice symbolic tattoo that stands for love and emotions. It can be carved in various ways to portray various human feelings. You can have a heart tattoo with a crown or with the name of your loved one carved on a banner. It also can stand for romantic bonds, courage, friendship or love. The meaning of a heart tattoo completely depends on the way the tattoo is carved. Heart tattoo with a dagger represents betrayal, while with a star stands for happiness with great opportunities. Since this tattoo is small in size, it makes for one of the best tattoo ideas for the wrist. Claddagh heart tattoo, tribal heart tattoo, broken heart tattoo, Celtic heart tattoo, bleeding heart tattoo, etc., are some more tattoo ideas for wrist with heart design.
Star Tattoos
Star tattoos
Among all wrist tattoos, star tattoos are considered as the most popular ones. These tattoos are simple, symmetric, small and versatile, hence they are perfect tattoos for the wrist. Inspiration, light and hope are some of the star tattoo meanings. These tattoos can be placed in various manners on the wrist. You can have a single star tattoo or a tattoo with cluster of stars. You can even combine these tattoos with other tattoos like heart tattoos, fairy tattoos and banner tattoos. Trigram star tattoo, Star of David tattoo, nautical star tattoo, shooting star tattoo, etc., are other cool tattoo designs for the wrist.
Flower Tattoos
Flower tattoos
If you are looking for some cute wrist tattoos for girls, then flower tattoos are the best for you. When it comes to flower tattoos, there is no limit to creativity. Every flower has a typical meaning associated with it and you can have a flower tattoo whose meaning has impressed you. For example, aster flower stands for love, while a bunch of daffodils stands for happiness. These tattoos can also be carved with beautiful vines.
Name Tattoos
Name tattoos
Names carved in beautiful curvy fonts make for some good wrist tattoo ideas for women and men. These small tattoos are quite flexible and can be sculpted with other tattoos like heart tattoos, bird tattoos, nautical star tattoos, etc. You can have a swallow tattoo with the bird carrying a banner with the name of your beloved one written on it. Or you can simply have your name and your partner's name carved together in artistic fonts.
The list of wrist tattoo designs is endless and above given are some of the most popular ones. So, visit your nearest tattoo artist, search for the best wrist tattoo design, and get it tattooed. Happy Tattooing!
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