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Wing Tattoo Designs

Wing Tattoo Designs
Getting wings inked onto one's back is not only symbolic, but if done correctly and through a professional, it can look beautiful.
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Wing tattoo designs are quite popular among tattooed folk in the world. The best part of wing tattoo designs is their versatility, that they can be combined with any artwork to enhance its visual appeal.
Design Ideas for Women
Wing tattoos are very popular with women and looks gorgeous when inked on the back. It symbolizes freedom. They also symbolize angels or a more deep-set spiritual message. Being symbols of love, peace, and freedom, these tattoos are one of the most recommended designs for those who appreciate intricate tattoo work.
Butterfly Wings
Butterflies symbolize delicacy and natural beauty. These wings are usually oval or oblong in shape and as wing tattoos, they are true symbols of freedom and resurrection. Butterfly wings look gorgeous when placed on the back. Ask your tattoo artist to use a blend of bright colors like orange, yellow, red, and pink.
Simply place two butterfly wings on your two shoulder blades for a medium-sized tattoo. Usually, these tattoos can be styled in Monarch butterfly wing style.
Angel Wings
Angel wing designs are believed to protect your soul from evil spirits and they remind you of good things in the world, giving you positive vibes. You may consider getting a life-size archangel Gabrielle-styled wing tattoo on the back or your shoulder blades.
Angel wings also symbolize a true celebration of the beauty of body art. At times for some, angel wing tattoos are symbols of their loved ones who are looking down from heaven and protecting them. Fairy wings are also popular design choices, looks graceful, and will remind you of fantasies and youth.
Design Ideas for Men
If you think that wing tattoos are only for women, then you have the wrong notion. Designs that involve wings of animals like dragons, dragonflies, eagles and many more when inked in colors like black and white can look really sexy on a man's back.
Animal Wings
Many tattoos that depict dragon wings are popular wing guys. Dragon wings symbolize power, freedom, masculinity, strength, mystery, and spirituality.
Tribal dragon tattoo designs along with dragon wings make one of the finest designs for wing tattoos in men. Men can also consider designs of eagle and falcon wings. Tattoos that depict crow or hawk wings are also one design options for men and are usually connected with paganism and black magic.
You may also consider trying gothic designs with heavy, dark, intricate work in the art piece that are associated to the wings of demons that can fly. It is said that men who love enjoying their life without thinking about anything else apart from fun, sport such artwork in their tattoos.
Dragon Wings Tattoo
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