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Surprising Reasons Behind Why People Choose to Get Tattoos

Why do People Get Tattoos
Tattoos are, undoubtedly, one of the most intricate pieces of artwork. But is a body an appropriate place to exhibit artwork? In this ThoughtfulTattoos post, we will discuss the topic on why do people get tattoos.
Ashwini Kulkarni Sule
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
One cannot imagine a bigger fashion craze than tattoos. They are everywhere; from prison inmates to young collegians to professionals! What makes tattoos such a big hit? Why does everyone want to get some kind of body art done? Why do people get tattoos, if they are so painful?
Earlier, I was of the opinion that whoever gets a tattoo, does it for the sake of fashion. Later, one of my friends got a tattoo in the memory of his lost love. That was the moment I realized that fashion is not the only reason why people get tattoos. There are several other reasons which compel people to get themselves inked. Let us see them one by one.
Reasons Why People Get Tattoos
Personally, I am not a big supporter of tattoos. Although, I very much appreciate the magnificent artwork done by the artists; I believe a human body is not an ideal canvas for such artwork. For one reason, human body is the most beautiful artwork created by God and there can be no match for God's own work. I fail to understand why people get tattoos on their face, which is already so beautiful. Do they ever think how ugly it will look once they grow old and the skin becomes all wrinkled!
However, let's not get into that debate because, as they say, 'to each his own'. So, let us see why people get tattoos in the first place.
Yes, fashion is the most influential factor which drives people into getting themselves inked. Most people get tattoos because it seems like the hottest trend doing rounds, and everyone they know of already has a tattoo, or is planning to get one. These are the people who mostly go for popular quotes, Chinese symbols, and other such unique stuff. This explains why people get tattoos of stars, a popular design which you see on thousands. Those getting a tattoo as a fashion accessory should be careful, since they'll have tough time removing their tattoo once it goes out of fashion.
Religious tattoos are only next to fashion tattoos. Many people make their religious preferences clear through the tattoos on their bodies. Probably a reason why we see so many religious symbols and scriptures all over the place.
For some people, body art is the most preferred form of self-expression. These are people who are overwhelmed with a single emotion in their life, such as love, hatred, passion, anger, etc. Their tattoo designs often reflect this emotion. They are rebels who wish to stand out from others. Nonetheless, these people are very original in their approach and get authentic tattoos.
Remember the time when tattoos first became a rage? At that time, they were mostly associated with motorcycle gangs, hence whoever got a tattoo was suspected to have an affiliation with motorcycle gang. Although, tattoos have evolved since then, the motive of affiliation still remains. However, affiliation has taken a whole new meaning now, as many soldiers and cops are seen proudly flaunting tattoos bearing their respective organizations. Even people working for a social cause, or other humanitarian purposes, are also seen flaunting tattoos that announce their particular affiliations.
When you are in love, you obviously want the whole world to know about it and what a better way to profess your love than to ink the name of your beloved on your body? David Beckham did it for Victoria and so have million others, all over the world. Professing your love in ink seems like the ultimate expression of love. Celebrities are primarily responsible for bringing this trend. (and yes, we have heard some really strange stories of how people had to alter their tattoo designs to spell a new name after their break ups!).
Some people mark important memories and events of their life through the medium of memorial tattoos. A few people may etch the names of their departed loved ones permanently on their bodies. Some people see tattoos as a form to record important events in their lives (Indeed a great idea, considering your memory will fade someday, but your tattoo won't!)
If there are any other reasons apart from those mentioned above, please feel free to drop a line and enlighten me!
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