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White Tattoos on Wrist

Niharika Arya Nov 23, 2018
In spite of various complications and low success rate, white tattoos have become a recent trend in the market. Let's dig some more information, to know about this recent style statement.
In recent years, white ink has gained popularity among tattoo-lovers. Because of the various complications and uncertainty of the results, these tattoos are preferred to be small in size and that makes them best to be placed on wrist. A small bird, small star, a simple word or any kind of simple design, can give the tattoo a meaningful appearance.
These tattoos are very personal, they are more for your delight than others as the white ink is not easily noticed by the people around you. These tattoos are best for work places, where you cannot have a tattoo without your boss' permission or where you are worried about some corporate law.

Floral Tattoo

As these tattoos are opaque, the intricacy cannot be seen clearly. A simple and beautiful floral tattoo is the best option.
It is usually opted by girls. Floral design gives your wrist a delicate and feminine appearance.
They are small and the design can aptly go with the broadness of the wrist. You can experiment floral design with your favorite bird or with a butterfly which will symbolizes beauty and freedom.

Animal Tattoo

It is a unisex idea and hence can be easily implemented by both the sex.
Tiger and dragon are some of the most commonly used animal tattoos. You can either go for the face or you can ink the entire body of the animal. You can also get your pet's face tattooed on your wrist. Just avoid complex designs as it may not be clearly visible.

Butterfly Tattoo

This again is one of the most beautiful tattoos to get on your wrist. It is loved by the people with free spirit and the tattoo is considered sexy and beautiful.
You can combine the design with small flowers and leaves to give it a natural look. You can also have them with stars or heart, but a simple butterfly will be the best choice.

Tree Tattoo

Though simple and not very attractive to get it inked, tree tattoos can be used as a symbol of nature. They will look simply beautiful and elegant in white ink. To make it more simple you can get just a leave of any flower with a name or some letters on it.

Bird Tattoo

When it come to white ink tattoos, birds are among the favorites as they are considered as a symbol of freedom, life, love and peace.
You can have tattoo of a dove, hummingbird, eagle or a swallow bird. Ideas like flower in a bird's beak or a cage from which the bird is flying away or a pair of lovebirds are mostly used as a tattoo design.

Some More Design Options

Apart from the explained designs there are many other designs too which can be very well implemented in white ink.
Designs of star, skull, cross, Celtic knot, heart and wings are among the most common designs. Barbed wire tattoos are also very famous as wrist tattoo. Simple quotes, initials of any name or any inspiring word are commonly used.

Points to Remember Before Going for a White Tattoo

Here are things to keep in mind before getting a white tattoo
  • First, you need to consider your skin color. It is said that pale colored skin is best for white tattoos. As white ink is translucent, it just lightens up the skin rather than giving it a white color. On white skin, the tattoo may look like a scar and on darker skin, it is very rarely visible.
  • In other color tattoos, you get a black outline, but in white tattoos, either you get a light purple outline or no outline. Because of this, the tattoo after healing may look a bit blurred. So, think before you get one.
  • The white ink used is not the normal ink, which is used by the tattoo artists to fill color in the other colored tattoos. It is very thick and hence should be of very good quality. Normal ink may lead to an unsuccessful tattoo.
  • The first and foremost thing to do when getting a tattoo is, to get a good artist. Get good information about the artist and properly go through his profile. Check out for his experience with white ink.
  • Select a simple tattoo design. A complex design may destroy the look of the tattoo. Decide the design only when you are sure about it.
  • Follow the tattoo care instructions given by your tattoo artist and enjoy the beauty of it.

Complications of White Tattoos

Let's have a look on the complications, as they are equally important to know, before going for the tattoo.
  • Sometimes, the ink is rejected by the body and it oozes out of the skin leaving it blank or with no tattoo.
  • White ink is not suitable for all skin types. Its adverse reaction on the skin has been observed by many people. People react more towards the white ink than to colored ink.
  • It causes itching and swelling in many cases.
  • Direct exposure to the sunlight may result in fading of the tattoo.
  • In some cases, the healing takes a lot of time. After healing, one may not be sure about the result, as the tattoo may end with a white color, yellow color or may even be transparent. In worst cases, the tattoo may look embossed.
  • Due to the bleeding at the time of making tattoo, the blood may get mixed with the white ink and give it a light pink tinge.
White tattoos have a low success rate, hence, if you are thinking of getting one, follow all the necessary precautions. On wrist, white ink makes it more visible to you than others, and this makes your tattoo personal and close to your heart. So, let this tattoo be the simplest and unique one to get inked.