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Virgo Tattoos for Girls

Madhura Pandit Jun 18, 2019
There are several designs that can be used to make Virgo tattoos. Here, you will find some of the best and most popular Virgo tattoo design ideas for girls.
If you wish to have a personalized as well as a unique tattoo design, then you should seriously consider going for zodiac tattoos. Although very popular, these tattoos are not common and hence, you can surely get a unique tattoo.
Every zodiac sign has an attractive symbol or design associated with it, which can be used as a tattoo design. Those believers in astrology usually go for zodiac sign tattoos. However, if you take a look at the different attractive designs available, you will be tempted to get these tattoos done, even if you don't believe in astrology.

Virgo Tattoo Designs for Girls

If you are born in between 23rd August to 23rd September, you belong to the star sign or sun sign Virgo. Virgo is a feminine, Earth and introvert sign. It is symbolized by a virginal maiden and hence, this is a perfect tattoo design for girls.


Virgo sign is symbolized by a woman or rather, a virginal maiden. According to the Greek mythology, the Virgo is the Astrea or Dike (daughter of Zeus); whereas according to the Roman mythology, she is Ceres (goddess of harvest). 
Whatever be your interpretation, a design of the maiden is the most popular tattoo for people born under this sign. Some designs are an attractive maiden standing or sitting coyly, sleeping maiden, nude Virgo symbol, maiden with wings depicting an angel, etc. As the Virgo maiden tattoo is large in size, it is usually done on the back, arms, thighs, etc.


The glyph is a pictograph or a hieroglyphic symbol, and the glyph of the Virgo is roughly shaped like 'MP' or 'M' with the end part curved like a fish.
Similar to the symbol, the glyph of any zodiac sign is equally popular. You can get the glyph on your neck, wrist, back, abdomen, legs, etc. It is usually made in dark color and is of a small size.
On the other hand, if you wish to have an elaborate design, you can team up the maiden symbol with the glyph and have a colorful tattoo. Secondly, personalizing the glyph with your name and initials is also a good option.


Text tattoos are one of the best designs for making Virgo tattoos for girls. You can have text like 'Virgo' or 'Kanya' or 'Jungfrau' or 'Proud Virgo' inscribed on your body in different fonts, styles.
The text can be combined with the maiden symbol or the glyph to have a unique tattoo design. The text can also be teamed with different designs like the sun, moon, butterfly, etc. A Virgo ambigram tattoo is also one of the most sought after tattoo designs today. The picture of Virgo constellation can also be used for making tattoos.


The lily is the traditional Virgo flower. Therefore, if you are looking for an entirely different Virgo tattoo design, then you can consider going for the lily flower tattoo with the glyph or the text in the center. 
Similarly, blue sapphire is the traditional stone of Virgo and hence, you can combine the blue color of the sapphire with the lily and have a blue lily inscribed on your body.
You can choose from any of the aforementioned designs, and have them tattooed on your body. These feminine tattoos are simply great for girls and you will surely be proud of your tattoo always. So, the perfectionist Virgo, consult a certified tattoo artist and get your favorite tattoo done perfectly! Good luck!