Vine Tattoos on Ribs

A vine is a graceful and utterly feminine design that can be tattooed on arms, legs, ribs, etc. Here is detailed information on the meaning of vine tattoo, along with some design ideas.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Tattoos are of 2 types, permanent ones and semi-permanent ones. You can try different designs with a semi-permanent tattoo type, but, you needs to be extra careful when making a permanent tattoo. Therefore, if you are thinking of having a tattoo inscribed on your body, you should decide whether you wish to have it to express its meaning or simply for the sake of fashion. Whatever the reason, you can consider having a vine tattoo for its several meanings and decorative appearance.
Flower and Tribal tattoos
Symbolism of a vine has its roots in several cultures and beliefs. The grape and ivy vines were considered as pagan symbols and hence, were considered taboo for Christians. In certain ancient cultures, a crown made in the designs of vines represented greediness. However, in ancient Roman culture, an ivy crown was worn by the kings and rulers for immortality. It was also worn during celebrations and other important occasions. Hence, ivy, holly, and grape vine gained popularity during the Roman rule. Today however, the meaning associated with vine tattoo has changed. Now, it stands for beauty and grace. There are several vine tattoo designs for women, specially as the vine looks delicate and graceful, symbolizing femininity. In certain cultures, it also represents reincarnation.
Design Ideas
Vine tattoo with flowers hearts
Vine tattoo designs
Vine tattoo with hearts
Design Vine Tattoos
This tattoo can be made on any part of the body. Especially, it looks great on ribs and on the abdomen. A vine tattoo beginning at the navel and advancing upwards towards the chest looks attractive. Or, you can have a vine going around your waist like a waist band. Due to availability of space, this tattoo can be made more creatively on the back, side or legs. Imagine having a delicate vine tattoo on leg done in creative designs and colors. Another advantage of having a tattoo made on ribs is that it can be hidden when you do not wish to flaunt it.
Set of horizontal patterns
Vine tattoos can also be combined with several other designs like butterfly tattoos or the heart tattoos. Sometimes, people even have these tattoos inscribed with their names, or symbol of heart around it. A vine tattoo with a heart stands for ever-growing love. Vine can also be paired with flowers, grapes, and fruits of holly. The Celtic and tribal vine tattoos can also be considered for its uniqueness.
Male artist making tattoo
Therefore, it can be rightly said that a vine tattoo is the best feminine tattoo you can go for. If you have decided to have a tattoo, it is recommended to have it made from a skilled and certified pro. It is always better to think twice before a making a tattoo, and not consider having it if you are suffering from any skin disease.