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Vine Tattoos on Leg

Vine Tattoos on Leg
Vine tattoos look very elegant on legs, due to the perfect blend of the tattoo design and its placement. The article provides a summary on vine tattoo meanings and designs...
Mayuri Kulkarni
With the growing popularity of tattoos, people are looking forward for tattoo designs and placements, that will make their tattoo unique in all the aspects. Tattoos are a great way of expressing one's emotions and thoughts. Vine tattoos are among the most popular tattoos, specially among women. With their curvy intricate designs and use of beautiful colors, they look splendid on any part of the body. Shoulders, rib cage, foot, arms, etc. are some of the placement options for vine tattoos. Let us know more about vine tattoos, before moving on to vine tattoo designs for the legs.
Vine Tattoo Meanings
Vine tattoo designs are made up of continuous chain like design, that consist of beautiful curvy vines, colorful flowers, leaves, fruits and other elements. These make some of the most creative tattoos, both with respect to design and placement. There are no rules for shape, size and hence, the design for the vine tattoos. One big advantage of vine tattoos is, that they can be left for expansion in the future. The meaning of the vine tattoo completely depends on the type of vine carved. Vine tattoos have different meanings in various cultures. Ivy and grapevine are two popular vines, used for carving vine tattoos. Both these vines bear different meanings in Roman myths, Christianity, Celtic cultures, etc.
Celts believed vines to represent determination and strength. Birth and fertility are two meanings for ivy according to Greek mythology. Christianity considers ivy vine as a symbol for being pagan and moral weakness. It is also said that in previous years, Christians used the grapevine to prepare a crown of Gluttony (sin of overeating) that is among the Seven deadly sins. In Roman myths, it is mentioned that Romans believed that their god of wine and revelry wore a ivy crown that symbolized immortality. Grapevine was a symbol of luck and strength for Hebrews and hence, they prepared crowns made up of grapevines.
Vine Tattoo Designs on Leg
There are innumerable ways of getting a vine tattoo on leg. All this is possible due to the flexible nature of the vine tattoo designs. One can keep the vine tattoo very simple or make it an elaborate design with detailed work. Vine tattoos suit more on women, since, they make some of the best feminine tattoo designs. A vine tattoo on leg can be placed anywhere between the foot and the hips. It can also wrap the leg in anywhere near the ankles or the thighs, or near the knees in a circular manner, to give a bracelet like look. As discussed earlier, vine tattoos are known for their versatility. These tattoo designs can be combined with other tattoos like heart tattoos, flower tattoos, fairy tattoos, etc.
Some people also like to carve sayings or initials, along the vine tattoo on the leg. A vine tattoo can be sculpted to make the design look large or small. These tattoos require less ink, even if they need to cover large area. A vine tattoo that extends from the toe region to the ankle, makes some of the most striking tattoo placements. Such is the beauty of vine tattoos, that you can place it anywhere on the leg. Many women go for a vine tattoo that starts from the ankle and extends up to the thigh. Leg tattoos are easy to hide and the tattoo care depends on the size of the vine tattoo carved. For larger vine tattoo designs on leg, one has to take many precautions to avoid infection and allow quick healing.
These were some suggestions for vine tattoos on leg. Vine tattoos make splendid tattoo designs because of their flexible designs and use of variety of colors. If you are interested in getting one such tattoo on your leg, then make sure you make a good search of all the possible options, before getting a vine tattoo on leg. Happy Tattooing!
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