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Vine Tattoo Designs on Back

Bhakti Satalkar Oct 27, 2018
Vine tattoo designs are becoming very popular. There are a number of ways vines can be combined to make wonderful tattoo designs on the back. Here are some interesting ideas.
With tattoos becoming a rage, people are looking for different options in terms of the design as well as the location of the body art. Vine tattoos are flowing designs that are an apt choice for the back. They can stretch all over the back. The beauty of these patterns is that they can be beautifully combined with other designs to make unique body art.

Vine Tattoo Ideas

These designs come in various sizes, shapes, and colors. You can choose a basic pattern or an elaborate one. They bring out the creativity of not only the person but also the artist. The vine symbolizes growth, regrowth, and harmony. However, the meaning can differ from person to person.
Although some people are allergic to poison ivy, there are some who like to get an ivy vine inked on their body. In the Druid culture, the ivy plant denotes determination. On the other hand, in Christianity, the ivy plant symbolizes a man's need for support, and hence is clinging on to other people. It is also a symbol of man's feebleness.
For the early Christians, poison ivy symbolized pagan symbols, and Jesus Christ called himself a vine and his followers the branches. The grapevine crown denoted the deadly sin of gluttony. At the same time, a vine can also symbolize ascension and resurrection. In modern days, it stands for bounty and peace.
For the Celts, the vine is a symbol of determination and strength. It is important in Pagan rituals as it denotes everlasting life, death, and also perseverance. It is an apt description as when a poison ivy clings to a tree, it can kill the sturdiest of the trees. For the Romans, the ivy symbolized immortality.
Another popular pattern is the red Virginia creeper. The colors used on the flowers range from purple, red, pink, and white as there are a number of colors which you can use to make the blossoms.
You can also choose to combine a variety of colors to make an intertwined pattern. Grapevines are also a symbol of celebration of life. They also stand for rebirth and new beginnings. These are compared to the Phoenix which rises from its own ashes.
Body art may have religious verses tattooed on the ribs. For the religious and spiritual people, vines can be combined with holy communion cups or crosses or with flowers, butterflies, birds, and also fairies for a unique pattern.
Although more often than not, ivy is inked on the leg or arm, spiraling patterns can also be inked on the back. You can use a single leaf or the whole vine, it will represent both beauty as well as danger.
There are also tribal designs, but these lack flora and foliage. They can also be used to make backgrounds for a bright flowers. To get a subtler look, you can choose to get a light colored pattern spiraling on your back.
If you want the ink to stand out, a bold dark-leafed pattern is the one for you. For people who are fond of elaborate scenes, they can get the view of the Eden Garden inked on their backs.
This can have angels in it as though they are walking through the vines. Vines and red roses inked all the way to the lower back makes for an interesting pattern. It will accentuate your lower back and also give you a glamorous look.
This kind of body art can be made as colorful as you want. At the same time, you can also choose to make a monochromatic pattern as well. You can use all your creativity to make a design for yourself to decorate your back.