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10 Unique Tattoos for Women

Looking for creative ideas for your tattoo? There is surely a wide choice. Presented below are some of the best and unique tattoo designs for women.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Last Updated: May 5, 2018
Tattoos based on fandom are very popular among women these days. If you are a fan of Harry Potter Series, The Lord of the Rings, Twilight Series, Hunger Games, The Chronicles of Narnia, etc., you can make a tattoo based on symbols, quotes, or verses present in the series.
Tattoos express your personality and thoughts. When it comes to a permanent tattoo, we always look for something meaningful and timeless. There are meaningful tattoos like the heart, star, butterfly. Then there are tattoos like flower, vine, etc., adorned simply for their feminine appeal and beauty. Now, these are wonderful, but oft repeated tattoo designs. If you are looking for something uncommon, take a look at the following ideas.
Unique Tattoo Ideas for Women
Music Tattoo
Music clef symbol tattoo
Music is life or the very essence of life for many. If you are into music, or are simply a fan, go for a tattoo based on the theme of music. You have a wide variety to choose from: right from music symbols to songs, verses, pictures of the instruments, etc. Music tattoos are surely meaningful, unique, and timeless.
Angel and Cherub
Angel heart leaf tattoo
Angels or guardian angels are symbols of religion and express God's love. As guardian angels are believed to guard and protect people, this tattoo symbolizes protection. You can combine the cherub with the angel for a unique tattoo design. Secondly, Cupid can also be inscribed as it symbolizes love.
Black dragonfly tattoo
One may wonder what symbolism can be associated with the modest dragonfly. However, it stands for freedom, change, good luck, mystery, etc. It is also considered as a feminine symbol that represents beauty. If you are looking for small tattoo designs, go for the dragonfly.
Tribal dolphin tattoo
The dolphin is one of the cutest creatures, known for its playfulness and gaiety. Sailors considered dolphins as good luck symbols as these fishes are known to swim alongside vessels in the ocean. Although this tattoo design is not very meaningful, you can still go for it for its cuteness.
Snowflake Tattoo
Simple black snowflake tattoo
Did you know that no two snowflakes are ever similar? Due to this unusual fact, a snowflake tattoo symbolizes uniqueness. Secondly, you must have noticed how beautiful a snowflake is. Other meanings of this tattoo design include beauty, purity, etc.
Kanji seasons tattoo
Kanji tattoos are Japanese symbols representing a theme or an idea. Look out for symbols that stand for intelligence, courage, calmness, freedom, etc. However, one should be aware of the exact meaning of the tattoo made and not get it mixed up. You don't want to end up with a symbol meaning something completely different than what you had originally wanted.
Fleur-de-lis Tattoo
Simple fleur de lis tattoo
The fleur-de-lis is a French symbol of the flower lily. Prevalent since many centuries, this symbol was associated with royalty. Its beauty and delicate nature makes it a very feminine tattoo design. It symbolizes royalty, faith, wisdom, wealth, honor, etc.
Vampire Tattoo
Bat moon tattoo
Vampire tattoos are no doubt, very unusual. Vampires are a part of many ancient folklore and mythical stories. If you are obsessed with mysticism, fantasy, horror themes, etc., you can go for these tattoos. Look for Dracula tattoos or the ones based on the Twilight Series.
Heartbeat Tattoo
Heart and heartbeat tattoo
The heart symbol is a cliched tattoo design. So, why not go for the heartbeat? A heartbeat tattoo is quite romantic and cool. Add other symbols to the heartbeat like a red heart, engraved heart, flaming heart, initials or name of your beloved, etc.; the possibilities are simply endless. As this is a tiny tattoo design, it can be sported on the neck, wrist, finger, ankle, etc.
Maple Leaf Tattoo
Three maple leaves tattoo
If you wish to go beyond flowers and vines, why not try leaf tattoos? Leaves of shamrock, aspen, fern, etc., are eye-catching. However, one of our personal favorite is the maple leaf. This colorful, decorative leaf can make for a wonderful tattoo design. Some of its popular symbolism include life cycle, autumn, happiness, etc.
You can take a cue from these designs for your first or next tattoo. You can add your creativity, add text or verses, or mix and match designs to create a tattoo that is completely original. Lastly, remember to follow the aftercare tips in order to make your tattoo look attractive forever. Good luck!
Silhouette of dragonfly
Vector decorative dragonfly
Mandala flower design
Female back tattoo
Bat tattoo
Angel illustration tattoo