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10 Unique Tattoos for Men That are Timelessly Awesome

10 Unique Tattoos for Men
Bored of the usual tattoo designs? Are you looking for something new and unique? Presented below are some ideas on unusual, popular yet non-controversial tattoos for men of all age groups.
Madhura Pandit
Last Updated: Mar 2, 2018
You can personalize any simple tattoo design by adding text, initials, date, verses (in different language), combining two or more meaningful designs, etc. The end result will surely be unique!
You need to put in a lot of thought when going for a permanent tattoo. It should be meaningful, symbolic, non-controversial, and timeless. However, the most important thing is that it should convey meanings or memories dear to the wearer. Sometimes, people go with the trend and have an already-famous design tattooed on their body. The heart, star, dragon, tiger, skull, etc., are all-time popular tattoos. However, if you wish to go for something different, here are some unique and meaningful tattoo designs.
Unique Tattoo Designs for Men
Phoenix Tattoo
Everyone knows the mythical bird phoenix that rises from ashes. It bursts into flames and is reborn from the ashes. Due to this unique quality, it is associated with meanings such as rebirth, longevity, immortality, resurrection, etc.
tribal phoenix tattoo
Tribal Tattoo
Every tribal tattoo is meaningful and often has a story or a legend of its own. Some of most popular tribal tattoo designs are the tribal sun, dragon, lion, etc. However, you can even go for an abstract art.
abstract tribal art tattoo
Music Tattoo
If you consider music as an important part of your life and want to portray your love for it, go for music symbols, music quotes, favorite songs, or pictures of your favorite instruments. You can even combine two elements like the infinity and music symbols, song lyrics in the shape of a heart or a guitar, etc., to make a creative tattoo.
infinity music tattoo
Military Tattoo
Military tattoos have been sported by soldiers since the times of Julius Caesar. Even today, ex- as well as active servicemen, proudly sport military tattoos to keep the spirit of the military alive. These tattoos are also sported by civilians for their uniqueness. Military tattoo designs include the nations' flag, eagle, star, fighter plane, sword, etc., and symbolize bravery, courage, unity, etc.
Military Tattoo
Hawaiian Tattoo
Tattooing or Kakau was known to the Hawaiians since ancient times. Animals like lizards, salamanders, or dolphins form a part of the Hawaiian culture and can be used as tattoo designs. Sometimes, large tattoos depicting a landscape or an event are also favored.
Hawaiian Tattoo
Biker Tattoo
Although these tattoos are made by people belonging to a specific biker groups, they can also be made by other riders. Common designs include bike, skull, dagger, flames, bike logos, etc.
Biker Tattoo
Horse Tattoo
Horses are surely fascinating and attractive creatures. A horse tattoo stands for bravery, power, grace, free spirit, nobility, etc. You can either go for a life-like image of the horse, or try the mythical versions with wings. This can be a unique tattoo for upper arm or shoulder.
Horse Leaping Tattoo
Fire/Flame Tattoo
Now, this is one tattoo design that will rarely fail to capture attention, be it made in black or colorful designs. Fire or flame tattoos represent passion, energy, temptation, life, light, danger, etc. As a fire has both, creative as well as destructive nature, it has both, positive as well as negative meanings.
black flame tattoo
Knight Tattoo
We all are aware that knights were noble, brave men, known for their courage in medieval times. If you wish to go for a knight tattoo, note that it symbolizes bravery, courage, strength, protection, etc. A knight tattoo may also at times, stand for evil forces. This is another tattoo that has both, positive and negative meanings.
Knight Tattoo
Lightning Bolt Tattoo
The lightning bolt was popularized in the recent times by the Harry Potter Series. A lightning bolt, or thunderbolt as sometimes it is referred as, is a symbol of Zeus in the Greek mythology. The tattoo symbolizes power, strength, creativity, etc. It also stands for destruction.
Lightning Bolt Tattoo
It is recommended to have a tattoo made by a certified artist. Secondly, one should also use tattoo care products that will help to prevent infection of any kind.
You can either choose from these ideas or come up with something entirely of your own, but inspired from these ideas. Tattoo making is all about creativity and expressing your thoughts and personality.
Beautiful Standing Horse
Horse symbol
Medieval Sword And Shield
Burning Dragon
Dragon tattoo with template
Fire Breathing Head Tattoo