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Steal the Show: The Most Unique Piercings You'll Ever Find

Unique Piercings
Most people, at some point or the other, have toyed with the idea of getting a piercing done. A nose piercing or a tongue piercing, perhaps. And then there are those who have had their heart set on getting a piercing alright, but something that is so ridiculously out of the ordinary that it gets some serious eye popping and jaws dropping. What are these piercings that can be categorized as something ridiculously out of the ordinary?
Rujuta Borkar
Last Updated: Mar 19, 2018
Thinking of getting a piercing done but don't want it to be just any ordinary, run-of-the-mill piercing? Well then, here are some unique piercings that you can think of getting for yourself or suggesting to others as well.

If you're looking into the idea of getting a unique piercing done, then it's imperative that you want to steer clear of anything that is hackneyed. The kind of piercings that you can get done these days are quite mind-boggling and possibly something that you might not even have imagined.
Lip Piercing
Lip Piercing
Lip piercings are some of the most popular forms of piercings, so the challenge is in sporting something that is not hackneyed if one needs to fulfill the criteria of unique piercings. There are varied types of lip piercings that can be carried through. Placing a single or multiple rings anywhere on the lips is one of the most often used form of lip piercing. Many also experiment with varied shapes and sizes of barbell globes. Other than the actual lips, the area surrounding the lips is also used for piercings.
A globe on the philtrum (the dented area under the nose and above the mouth), or two globes on either side of the philtrum are used. So also, a globe on the philtrum and one right below the lower lip in line with the philtrum is often used. One can also use studs right below the lower lip placed at a small distance from each other. Combinations of the different types of lip piercings also be carried through. Most lip piercings will take about 8 weeks to heal completely. But depending on the kind of lip piercing that it is, it could even take more time.
Vertical Industrial Piercing
A vertical industrial piercing is one of the most intense ear piercings. It has several designs to it and can be used in many forms. The basic design runs like this - there is a long vertical stick that pierces through the ear and goes through and through from the upper ear to the cartilage. The vertical stick is what can be seen in the center of the ear and it is with the two ends that a lot of experimentation can be done. The upper and lower ends of this piercing can have several designs.
The lower end can either end at the lobe like a normal ear piercing, or it can come out from the back of the ear. The two ends can also be combined to form different designs as well. This piercing is quite painful and takes about 5 months to a year to heal completely. For some, it may even take longer. It is therefore advised that you only go in for this piercing if you're completely sure about dealing with the pain and can see it through till the end.
Earl/Vertical Earl Piercing
Earl/Vertical Earl Piercing
An earl piercing (also known as bridge piercing) is carried through with a horizontal curved barbell and is placed at the bridge of the nose, in between the eyes. It usually has two globes at the end of the barbells. Usually, a curved barbell is used for this type of piercing because a straight one may cause tension at the curved bridge. The vertical earl will run from the center of the eyebrows (or slightly above) and end at the top of the nose bridge.
Due to its unique position and because of the dearth of flesh in that area, it remains a surface piercing and therefore the risk of developing an infection, or the body rejecting the piercing is high. Many people go in for both types of earl piercings to form a combination. The healing time can be anywhere between 4 months to a year.
Double Nape Piercing
This piercing goes at the base of the neck, just below the hairline. But instead of a single ring with two silver globes at the end, you have two of these rings pierced opposite each other in an 'A'-styled line, such that there are four globe piercings on your neck.
Give the piercing that extra oomph by cutting your hair in a short crop. If you're a girl and you have long locks, take your hair to the side of the shoulder and leave your neck exposed. The double nape also compliments a tattoo at the upper end of the back rather beautifully. This piercing takes about 8-10 weeks to heal.
Septum Piercing
Septum Piercing
A septum piercing is a type of nose piercing which is done such that the two ends of the jewelry come out of both the nostrils. A popular way of flaunting this type of piercing is to wear a ring. One of the most unique designs which has been brought into the market recently has the two ends of the jewelry resemble a devil's horn.
There are several other forms of jewelry other than the ring that are used as well - a half-ring with two globes (with the globes being visible) for example. A great combination that is used with this piercing is the philtrum piercing (the dented area below the nose and above the lips). The septum piercing will take about 10-12 weeks for complete healing. This form of piercing is also a practiced tradition in many cultures.
Uvula Piercing
This form of piercing is done on the uvula (the small protruding part that is located between the tonsils and can be seen when we open our mouth wide.) It's most commonly carried through with a ring. This is considered quite a difficult form of piercing to go in for because it may induce the gag reflex in a person, thus making the continual use of this piercing impossible.
Other than that fact, there are also a lot of health risks involved in the uvula piercing - the jewelry, if dislodged from the uvula could block the nasal passage (while asleep) or may be swallowed. In both these cases, it will have to be surgically removed. It takes about 6-8 weeks for the piercing to heal.
Teardrop Piercing
Teardrop Piercing
Teardrop piercings, as the name suggests are done above the cheek bones, below the eyes, facing away from the face. One can also use these piercings facing inwards. Also known as the anti-eyebrow piercing, these may be done as a single tear drop (with one globe) or as two tear drops (two globes, one below the other).
Another variation that is popularly carried through is that the piercings could be used on both sides of the face or on just one side. It takes about 6-8 weeks for this piercing to heal completely.
Hand Web Piercing
Hand web piercings are carried out on the skin fold in the area between two fingers. The most popular (and oft pierced) spot for this piercing is between the thumb and forefinger because of its accessibility factor, though many also prefer the areas between the other fingers as well. The best choices to make for this form of piercing are the straight or curved barbell piercing stud (depending on the area that is being pierced).
Many also sport safety pins in place of studs as a fashion statement. Though the usage of safety pins may seem very desirable, there are high chances of the area getting infected - thus it is necessary that you sterilize the pin properly. It could take about 6 weeks to a year for the piercing to heal.
Fang Piercing
Fang Piercing
One must really, really love lip piercings to get this one. Fangs, as the name suggests, is done in a combination of two barbells. There are different ways of going about this piercing. One way of doing it is right in the center of the lips. One can also place them in such a manner that they form a 'V', though the ends don't necessarily meet. The other way of going about this piercing is to pierce the globes with a considerable distance between them.
This piercing could take about 4-6 months to heal, making it one of the fastest healing piercings.
Sternum Piercing
A real wild one, this. No doubt about that. This piercing is very popular among women and is gotten done in the areas surrounding the cleavage - exactly where the cleavage starts or slightly above it. Globe studs are the most popular choices for this form of piercing and are either placed horizontally, vertically or sometimes even in a combination in the selected area.
Experimentation is done with the size and types of piercing studs and there are even times when this piercing is done in the middle of the cleavage. Being a surface piercing, the chances of rejection by the body and an onset of infection are quite high. It is therefore necessary that one consult the tattoo artist before getting it done. This piercing will take about 6 weeks to a year to heal.
Nipple Piercing
Nipple Piercing
Nipple piercings are gaining more and more popularity in recent times. These are carried through with equal gusto by both, men and women. Center barbell rings compliment this form of piercing the most, though many also use the straight barbells for the same. People opine that horizontal piercings are easier to care for than vertical piercings. An interesting fact is that some people do not restrict themselves to a single piercing but get multiple piercings for the same.
This piercing can take up to a year and half to heal completely.
Arm Surface Piercing
An arm surface piercing is done with bars which have globes at the end. The thing about this form of piercing is that one can use as many studs or globes as one wants and create varied designs with the same. The most common form of this piercing is two studs placed either in the vertical or horizontal direction, one above the other or side by side (respectively).
The location of this piecing can also change according to what one prefers - above the wrist, near the elbow, on the forearm or wherever one deems it desirable. It takes about 6-16 weeks for the piercing to heal completely.
Multiple Cartilage Piercing
Multiple Cartilage Piercing
The cartilage of the ear is pierced with several rings (or studs and globes) that run from the top to the bottom, thus covering the entire ear cartilage.
Since it is such a difficult piercing to carry through and can take a long time to heal, it should not be undertaken without proper consultation from a doctor and only a certified piercing artist's services should be used. It could take anywhere between 4 months to a year to heal completely.
Monroe Piercing
Monroe Piercing
Inspired by the mole that sat pretty on Marilyn Monroe's upper lip, this one is quite the popular one with the ladies. In following the trend set by Monroe, this piercing is done at the side of the upper lip (either side) and has a design that resembles a beauty spot or a mole.
There's a lot of experimentation done with the color and size of the piercing. While most choose a simple Monroe, there are others who use it in combination with several other piercings like fangs and septum piercings. This piercing can take about 6-12 weeks to heal.
Vertical Labret Piercing
Vertical Labret Piercing
A vertical labret piercing is like a normal labret piercing, but instead of one globe that is placed at the lower lip area with the barbell being visible, there are two globes and the other comes out at the upper portion of the lower lip. The center of the lip is the most-often chosen spot for this piercing, though anywhere on the lip works out just as well.
Any form of labret piercing needs to be done with absolute care because the metal of the jewelry can scrape against the teeth and cause an abrasion, which could lead to the loss of enamel. This piercing can take about 6-9 months to heal completely.
Upper Scrumper Piercing
Upper Scrumper Piercing
An upper scrumper piercing is done in the inside of the mouth, at the web that connects the upper lip to the gums (just above the two front teeth). A barbell ring is usually used for this type of piercing, but there are times when people use a straight-lined stud as well.
This piercing can take about 4-6 weeks to heal completely.
** Please Note - The time frames mentioned for the healing of varied piercings may vary from person to person. Make sure that you have the necessary information regarding the aftercare and the healing process from the tattoo artist and have consulted a doctor before going in for the same.

It does not end here. Not really. There are scores of other piercings that you can delve into like genital piercings, ear cage piercings, corset piercings or the tongue web piercings . Just think of it this way - if you possess the body part, it is probably possible to get it bound in a piercing. Opens up a whole lot of possibilities, doesn't it?