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Tropical Flower Tattoos

Tropical Flower Tattoos

Tropical flowers are characterized by huge petals, long stems, and bright colors. These flowers are bold, bright, and beautiful. When used as an inspiration for tattoos or body art, they look very beautiful and attractive. The following article is a compilation of some interesting flowers which can be tattooed on the body.
Shashank Nakate
Flowers, especially the tropical ones, have been a huge favorite among tattoo artists and enthusiasts. In recent times, there has been a great change in the way tattooing is done.

The industries that manufacture equipment used for this, have improved their standards a lot which has made it possible to create tropical flower tattoos which have complex and beautiful designs.

They are different from the regular floral designs in the sense, that a variety of colors are available. The design can be a combination of different shapes and themes and also have motifs of hearts, fairies, butterflies, etc.

These tattoos though, are colorful and varied in shape, and so one should also take into account the amount of detailing in the designs.

Let's take a look at some amazing flower tattoos with pictures to get an idea.
Tropical lotus tattoo
Koi fish tattoo with lotus flower
One of the most beautiful flowers on earth, lotus is used to signify spiritual perfection. It holds great importance in the belief systems of the East, and especially in Buddhism. Apart from spirituality, it is also considered as the symbol of passion, love, and art. The different lotus colors, too, signify different attributes. The pink lotus stands for perfection, the red for purity of heart, and blue for wisdom or knowledge.
Tropical vine lily tattoo
Tiger lily flower tattoo
The lily is associated with purity, innocence, and chastity. In some of the cultures, the flower has also been associated with love and procreation. There is a lot of variety with which you can experiment with this flower. The bright colors of lilies are suitable for tattoos and attracts our attention instantly. These are generally worn on the arms.
Tropical ginger tattoo pattern
Ginger flower tattoo with beach
The pink color of these flowers is refreshing and, therefore, attractive tattoos can be created in the shape of this flower.
Hawaiian Flower Tattoos
One could sport these to exhibit his/her association with the culture of Hawaii. The variety and abundance of tropical flowers in Hawaii provides us with endless options. Let us have a look at some of the varieties.
Anthurium floral tattoo design
Red anthurium flower tattoo
The flowers of anthurium are red in color and their shape resembles that of a heart. These flowers are a symbol of hospitality and their tattoo designs are very popular.
Bird of Paradise
Bird of paradise flower tattoo
Tropical bird of paradise tattoo
This flower is associated with the concept of paradise and the phenomenon of joyfulness. The shape of this flower is interesting in a sense that it resembles that of a bird in flight. The vibrant colors of this flower make the appearance even more dramatic. Bird of paradise tattoo is the best for those who are fond of sporting colorful designs.
Tropical orchid tattoo
Orchid flower tattoo
The orchid flowers are a symbol of many different attributes such as strength, luxury, magnificence, and love. The orchids best suited for tattooing are the Dendrobium Orchids. These flowers are shaped like butterflies. The different meanings associated with it and the attractive shapes makes orchid the best flower for tattoos.
Hibiscus tattoo with leaves
Tropical pink hibiscus flower tattoo
The hibiscus tattoos come in different colors such as red, white, pink, yellow, blue, lavender, green, and orange. Therefore, they are a good choice for tattoos. The well-known meaning of hibiscus flower is delicate beauty. It is another factor/reason which makes this flower a favorite tattoo designs.
The designs in this article, give us an idea about the variety that can be possible. The tropical flower tattoo designs are thus, a good choice of adorning the body with colorful and beautiful decorations.