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Tribal Wrist Tattoos

Tribal Wrist Tattoos
Are you looking to get your next or first ever tattoo? Have you given tribal wrist tattoos a thought? If you're searching for tribal wrist tattoo ideas, then keep reading...
Sheetal Mandora
Whether you're getting a tattoo for the first or perhaps the tenth time, the entire process can be daunting. Right from deciding which tattoo to ink on you, its size, overall design, to the location of the tattoo, all are very important decisions that shouldn't be overlooked. One mistake and you're going to have the reminder for the rest of your life. Well, all this talk about "tough task to decide which tattoo to get" might be much easier for some who already have an idea what they want. But primarily, it does begin with having a concept in your mind and then shaping it into a concrete certainty. So if you have thought about getting a tribal wrist tattoo, then maybe you need to read the rest of this article as it gives you information on design ideas. But first, let's understand what do tribal tattoos mean.
What are Tribal Tattoos?
While drawing a tattoo, the artist focuses on the thick, long symmetrical patterns of a particular image. These symmetrical designs and patterns often look like flames and spears that must've been used by some ancient tribes. Each tribe was recognized by their unique designs as it not only separated them from the other tribes, but they also showed the status they held in their own tribe. There are various symbols and meanings hidden behind the tattoos as each design speaks of a particular incident, story, or even culture. Tribal tattoos were some of the very first tattoos humankind has acknowledged, which dates back to the primitive age.
Over the years, these tattoos have evolved at a great pace and the designs which are chosen are inked for their aesthetics. The intricate work inside each design is simply marvelous which cannot be overlooked and that's what makes these tattoos a thing of beauty. In today's time, men and women of different age groups are looking towards getting the tattoos inked on their wrists and other parts of the body. As a growing popularity, perhaps you too have been inspired to get the tattoo on your wrist.
Tribal Wrist Tattoo Ideas
When it comes to the design of your tribal tattoo, truthfully speaking, the sky's the limit. It all boils down to what you, as an individual, is looking for from the tattoo. Every tattoo has a meaning, a symbolism behind it that speaks to the person who has it. Many people look for inspiration from their tattoos, some want peace, solace. Whatever the reason may be behind your tribal tattoo, you need to be absolutely sure as to what that tattoo will look like.
Now, if you are unaware of the designs and the options you have, perhaps going through a collection of images is the best bet. You can either go online and search for tribal tattoo images there, visit a local tattoo parlor and browse through their personal collection, or ask a tattoo artist to help you out with the design. As per your requirements, the tattoo artist can then give you suggestions and help you get the right design which suits you and your personality. And just so you can start thinking about the choices of tribal wrist tattoo designs, here are some suggestions of our own.
  • Tribal Cross - In order to represent your faith in Him and reestablish your religious beliefs, tribal cross tattoos can be done. You have many choices when it comes to the design of the cross such as the Latin cross, Cross of Triumph, Maltese cross, the 3-Step cross, the Crucifix, Russian Orthodox cross, Resurrection cross, and the Anchor cross. With intricate patterns available in each of these cross tattoos, your wrist tattoo is going to stand out in the crowd.
  • Tribal Wristband - For your wristband tattoo, there literally are hundreds of designs to choose from. You can browse through Celtic band tattoos, Hawaiian band tattoos, Aztec tattoos, and even Polynesian tribal tattoos to get some inspiration. Each of these various designs have a history behind them and hence, they will vary from one another. Which is why, doing an extensive research is important before you consider a particular design.
  • Tribal Star - How does a nautical star or the Star of David tribal tattoo sound? If you're thinking that star tattoos are only for women, then think again. Not just women, but even men can get star tattoos as the tribal design does make it look a bit masculine (due to its symmetry). Either way, a tribal star tattoo can be inked on the wrist as it falls perfectly with the geometric function a tribal tattoo asks for.
  • Tribal Animals - Using the rules of tribal art, you can get an animal tattooed on your wrist. You can get a tribal dragon (only face or with the body), face of zebra, spider, horse, and cat. Here, you can also add the concept of zodiac signs. Depending on your personal zodiac sign, have the tattoo artist draw a tribal zodiac sign for you. If you like the concept, go ahead and get one for yourself.
You don't have to get confused or go with complicated tribal wrist tattoos. The ideas given in this article can be used for either guys and girls; depending on your taste. Whichever design and concept speaks to you on a personal level, that's the one you should go ahead with.
Tribal Wristband
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