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Tribal Sun Tattoos

Tribal Sun Tattoos
Tribal sun tattoos have been in existence since the ancient times. This article explains some of the popular meanings of the sun symbol and lists some designs that you could get inked.
Bhakti Satalkar
Tribal sun tattoos have become very popular in recent times. These designs are a great combination of tribal art as well as traditional design. The sun is seen as a symbol which represents life, energy, spirit, as well as warmth. In most of the ancient cultures, the sun was worshiped as a God or deity. Prehistoric men used to be scared when the sun darkened due to an eclipse. The sun has excellent visual appeal when drawn on the skin.
There are many meanings attached to the sun. Here are some of the most popular:
  • It is seen as the power controlling the universe.
  • Strength is another attribute given. It is also seen as a symbol of leadership and force.
  • The attributes of truth and dignity are associated with the sun.
  • Anger is another attribute which is linked to this symbol.
  • It is considered as a masculine symbol as it is at the center of the universe and is a provider for all life that exists in the universe.
  • It is also used to depict fire, and is a tribute to the Sun God.
Although this symbol is mostly inked by men, women get them as well. Women choose to get inked near their belly button, hip, ankle, or lower back. Men, on the other hand, opt to get large patterns on their back. The design can also be made on the arms, legs, chest, and shoulders as well. The size of the designs on women is usually smaller compared to that of men.
The ancestral sun is drawn in black ink. Since it is considered a masculine symbol, there are many who choose to combine it with feminine features, such as the moon or stars. One of the popular tribal designs is that of a circle with the rays emanating from the inner circles.
Another interesting design is where a human face is inked inside the sun. It symbolizes protection from the dark and dangerous side of human life. In Mayan culture, the sun symbolized leadership and higher power. The size of the design and color used make all the difference in this art.
In the latest designs, there are diverse forms ranging from simple monochromatic, swirly sunrays to hundreds of complicated rays with facial features inside the sun.
These designs have withstood the test of time and make for elegant tattoos. When you choose to get inked, choose a design which will suit your personality best. To find the right tribal sun design, you will have to undertake an extensive survey of online tattoo catalogs. This can become a time-consuming process. If you have already decided upon an artist, he/she may be able to help you with the design. However, remember that the ink is permanent, so choose wisely before getting inked on your skin.
Seamless pattren of tribal sun and crescent moon
Icon of tribal sun and crescent moon
vintage sun and moon tribal tattoo