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Tribal Flower Tattoos

Tribal Flower Tattoos
There are innumerable varieties of flowers in the world and the same goes for tribal flower tattoo designs. Nowadays, the sight of men sporting these tattoos apart from women is not uncommon.
Stephen Rampur
Last Updated: Jan 18, 2018
Wearing tattoos has been the best form of self expression for centuries among men and women. Earlier, there were not too many designs and varieties in tattoos, unlike today. If you look at the different styles of tattoo designs, you will certainly be amazed. One such good body art is tribal flower tattoos. Since flowers are totally related to femininity, these are mostly used by women. However, due to their uniqueness and attractiveness, they are also being preferred to be worn by men nowadays. Men may have some modified versions of these though; such as combining flower tattoos with other tribal tattoos and Celtic knotwork.
Best Placement Ideas
Tribal flower tattoos can be worn anywhere on the body; such as on the upper chest, ankle, arms, shoulders, back, lower back, stomach, etc. Women who want to display their femininity to the fullest usually choose to wear these beautiful tattoos on their necks. Bigger tattoos are generally worn in full at the back, covering a substantial part.
Design Ideas
There are many types of flowers that you can use in making these tattoos. The most common ones are roses, lilies, shoe flowers, orchids, and Hawaiian flowers. And to enhance the beauty, you can consider making use of climbers and other similar designs. A big Hibiscus flower tattoo is certain to attract attention. A rose with vines is also a very popular design. A lotus is another flower that adds to the beauty of this body art.
If you want to go in for simple yet beautiful designs, you can choose cherry blossom flower tattoos. It is not just about the tattoo designs, but also the meanings portrayed by them. Different flowers have their respective meanings and beliefs. Daisies are a representation of innocence, whereas roses display love. Lilies are a symbol of the purity of the heart, daffodils are related to hope, while the lotus represents peace. So, before deciding on a particular tribal flower tattoo, it is very important that you get to know the meaning of the flower and its significance.
These kinds of tattoos can even look better when combined with backgrounds and natural aspects such as grass, seashore, etc. In addition, you can add tattoos that are suitable to be worn by women and will add to the femininity. Some such designs are nautical star tattoos, angel tattoos, bird tattoos, and similar others. You can even wear these tattoos in the form of bands on the hands and legs. In choosing tribal flower tattoos, you can think creatively and come up with your own customized designs.
Remember to choose a design that you think you will love, as these tattoos are somewhat permanent. Tattoo removal is possible, but takes a very long time as well as a good amount of money.