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Tribal Cross Tattoo Designs

Are you searching for some cool tribal cross tattoo designs? You have come to the right place as you will find many designs in this article.
ThoughtfulTattoos Staff
Tattoos have undergone a great change since their origin, which dates back to the 19th century. Earlier, they used to be very specific. However, we now have designs based on almost everything, ranging from hummingbird to skull. Though new designs come up almost every day, some old ones never lose their charm. Tribal cross is one such design that was and is still popular. When tattoos were just invented, religious designs had the highest demand, crosses being one of them. The popularity of cross tattoos has not decreased at all even after a century. There are many reasons for it, but before moving to them, let us first see the types of designs.
Cross designs are mainly found in the tribal and Celtic arts. Besides these, cross tattoos are also incorporated in various designs, like memorial tattoos, heart tattoos, and sometimes also with floral designs. Actually, the reason behind getting a cross tattoo done decides the choice of the art. For example, those who depict these designs with a religious inclination tend to get simple crosses, while people who want this design for the sake of it, rather than for religious reasons, opt for tribal, Celtic, or other patterns. The selection of the design also depends upon the meaning of the tattoo.
These tattoos are generally done to signify a relationship with the tribal community. Though they look just like other cross tattoos, they are unique in their own way. They make use of black ink, and unlike other designs, they are done in broad strokes, which makes them stand out. Talking about the other meanings of this body art, people opt for this design if they like a certain trait of the tribe. Sometimes, people get simply impressed by the beauty of these crosses and so opt for them.
Unique Designs
Classic Cross
Classic Cross tattoo
Classic cross tattoos are one of the most popular designs. The broad designs contribute most to this popularity. Other things, like the perfectly sharp edges and the symmetrical shapes, also make it a popular choice. Unlike other patterns, tribal tattoos are very intricate and easily visible. So, if you want to have a traditional touch to your tattoo, you can opt for this design.
Floral Cross
Floral Cross tattoo
This design is quite popular amongst girls. If you do not want a plain cross, you can have a border of flowers, like roses. But sometimes, when there are a bunch of flowers, the charm of the cross gets hidden. To avoid this, you can opt for just two roses at the base of the cross, which makes them look like they are being offered to it.
Angel Winged Cross
Angel Winged Cross
This is one of the most unique designs. Angel winged cross symbolizes love and faith. Like other tribal tattoos, angel wings are also done in the same intricate pattern. However, you can make your body art different by using two colors, one for the wings and one for the cross.
Celtic Cross
Celtic Cross
This is one of the latest designs. Tribal and Celtic are the oldest designs used in tattoo art. So, why not blend them together to get a unique design? You can do this by having a Celtic cross with a tribal pattern engraved on it.
These were some basic designs, but you can also add your creativity and create a completely unique and personalized tattoo!