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Tongue Tattoo Designs

Aakash Singh Apr 17, 2019
Doing a tongue tattoo will surely make a unique style statement and attract a lot of attention. Here is an information on this form of tattooing as well as some design ideas. Read ahead...
These days, a lot of people want to be different and look different too. They are ready to stretch themselves and go to any heights for it. It can be seen especially in teenagers and youngsters. We get to see weird and wild piercings with few of them being so torture-like, that you may not even think of getting it done ever.
And then, there are tongue tattoos. You give one look at it and your reaction will be like, 'what on Earth did this guy think before getting this tattoo done?' But honestly, it surely requires a lot more than courage to get such tattoos done. But then one thing is for sure that once you get it done, you are assured to get attention.

Tongue Tattoo Design Ideas

A tongue tattoo is simply a tattoo made on the tongue. It is believed that it all started in the early 1800s.
It is believed that there was a queen who tattooed her tongue to express her grief over the death of her mother-in-law. That was the time when it was done to express grief.
For getting a tongue tattoo, it is highly recommended to get it done from a professional artist only, as you do not want any complications later. Be careful while choosing a design. It must be not of a kind which will make you embarrassed to open your mouth in front of anyone! Though unlike other style specific tattoos, there aren't many familiar designs.
However, their rage is slowly being grasped by youngsters. They are much derived from other designs and styles. It's like if a person has thought of getting a flower tattooed on his/her arm, the same can also be tattooed on the tongue. Hence, there are no specific tattoo designs as such, but then the small and simpler designs are tattooed on the tongue.
The designs must be wide enough to show in the details and must be sufficient to cover the tongue. Well, at least the front part of the tongue. The color of the tattoo may also decide what tattoo design you want to do. Or vice-versa. A variety of colors can be utilized for your tattoo, be it orange, black, purple, blue, etc.
The most popular designs include tribal tattoos, stars, smiling faces, flower tattoos, zodiac tattoos, hearts, various texts, short quotes, etc. For people who are skeptical about getting a permanent one done, they may opt for a temporary tattoo instead.
Since tongue tattoos are a new style of tattooing, you may want to get your own design for it and let your creativity flow. And tattoos after all are very personal, hence the more personal and creative it is, the better it will ought to be. It is a misconception that getting a tattoo over the tongue is more painful than getting it elsewhere.
But then, people who themselves have got it done, express the tattoo making experience as tongue tickling. They say that they feel numbness in their tongue and is more like a tickling sensation. And the reason is simple, that is because the tongue is the most powerful muscle of your body, hence it has a higher resistance towards pain.
If you've already thought about getting your tongue tattooed, let it be simple, nice and trendy. Most importantly, get it done only from a professional tattoo artist who is familiar with the tattooing process. Take all the precautionary measures in order to make this experience a wonderful one.
Personally too, you will need to maintain proper tattoo care and hygiene of your mouth, in order to keep it away from infections. It normally takes 2-3 weeks for your tattoo to mend and also the color pigmentation for your tongue will be back as normal. So from the next time onwards you stick your tongue out, be sure to flaunt your creativity. Adios!