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Teddy Bear Tattoos

Teddy Bear Tattoos
For those of you who like their body art cute, cuddly, and innocent, teddy bear tattoos can be a good option. Read on to know more about this design.
Aparna Jadhav
Teddy bears are a part of every kid's childhood at some point or the other. Some have imaginary friends, while some love to talk to their teddy bears thinking they are real. Childhood is innocent and many people like to have its memories inked on their bodies in the form of tattoos. The best way to relive these childhood memories is to get teddy bear body art. Getting skulls and snakes is very common for both men and women, but trying something different is a bold thing to do. It is commonly thought that girls are associated with teddy bears no matter how old they get, but guys too can get these designs made in whichever styles they would like. Take a look at some cute, as well as funky, designs.
Designs to Choose From
Teddy bears are the cutest and the cuddliest toys you can ever have and they come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Some are colored, while the others are simply brown and fuzzy. There are not many meanings attached to these designs since they are childish, but they can be great designs for a beginner. One of the best designs is to get a tattoo of your favorite teddy bear. If you have a picture of your toy or still have him, you can get him inked on your body. Many teenage girls are huge fans of these designs, as they look trendy as well as stylish. You can accompany your teddy with any other design you like, to make it look more attractive and not just cute.Here are a few designs mentioned below.
  • Stars:
    Teddy bears are often associated with bedtime, since kids sleep with them at nights. Thus to have a teddy bear sitting on the moon and clouds can make a very cute design. Along with the moon and clouds, you can have nautical stars just to give it a more grownup look and not a completely childish feeling. Sometimes, a teddy bear sitting on a small shooting star also makes for an adorable design. These are preferred by girls more than guys.
  • Flowers:
    Flower tattoos are also a good idea to combine with teddy bear designs, since they too are often associated together. Winnie the Pooh is a great choice for body art, since he loves flowers and butterflies. A teddy bear holding a Winnie the Pooh with a tiny butterfly would definitely be used by girls who love this character. These designs too are mostly preferred by women, as they are easy to draw and look very cute.
  • Bad Teddy Bears:
    Though all of us know that teddy bears are innocence personified, there are some individuals who would like to change this understanding a little bit. These designs are not exactly bad to look at, but the expression on the teddy bear's face is naughty or bad. Some even like to make it a little Gothic, by having designs life a broken or a dismantled teddy bear stitched all over. Whatever the design, it is a completely personal choice on what kind of teddy bear tattoo you would like to have. These types of tattoos are often used by guys, since they like it rough. Names and phrases also go well with these designs.
Combination always looks good, so you can try these funky and colorful body art with any other designs of your choice. Come up with new creative designs, and go get yourself a cool and cute teddy bear tattoo.